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First Look: Shogun Ramen, a Japanese noodle spot for the Richmond Hill crowd


When Jimmy Im and his wife Sophia opened a restaurant in Richmond Hill earlier this year, the intention was to serve sushi. It didn’t take long for the couple to realize that the neighbourhood was lacking something else — a dish that Torontonians have been consuming in ever-increasing quantities as of late. You may have heard of it: ramen.

“Ramen is having a boom in the city,” he says, “and Richmond Hill didn’t have a Japanese noodle house.”

The Ims operated their spot as Tokyo Sushi for about five months before they decided to switch things up and start perfecting ramen recipes. The result is Shogun Ramen, which has been open for about two weeks.

Jimmy has around 35 years of experience working with Japanese food, including a stint as the executive chef for Ichiban Sushi House Canada. At Shogun Ramen, he works the kitchen solo and crafts nearly everything in-house. He makes two types of noodles: thin and thick, both made with wheat flour. He ages the noodles for three days before serving them. For his tonkotsu broth, he boils pork bones for 48-hours. Sophia, meanwhile, manages the front-of-house.

Tonkotsu ramen with pork shoulder, egg, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, pickled ginger and green onion

The menu currently features six kinds of ramen: tonkotsu, shio, shoyu, miso and two kinds of seafood ramen ($10-11). The soups do not stray far from tradition, with ingredients such as pork shoulder, nori, bamboo shoots, sweet corn, pickled ginger, fish cake and of course, soy sauce-marinated eggs.

The offerings could change in the future, but for now, Jimmy’s focus is on perfecting the current menu.

“People want me to start making gyoza,” he says, “but I want to concentrate on ramen.”

Shogun Ramen, 10097 Yonge St., Unit 7, 905-237-7499

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