Friday Restaurant Recap: The Red Bench, Yakitori Bar, Archive, LPK’s Culinary Groove, College Street Bar


Friday Restaurant Recap rounds up the week’s Toronto restaurant news. In this edition: two new restaurants for Baldwin Village, a British food truck, the new College Street Bar and ramen. Lots of ramen.

Opening soon

  • It looks like Yonge Street will be getting a new café soon with The Red Bench, serving smoothies, juices, frozen yogurt and more. [Twitter]
  • Baldwin Village is about to get two new restaurants: Yakitori Bar and Seoul Food. They are slated to open by Dec. 1.
  • There is more to Scandinavian cuisine then just Ikea meatballs, or so claims upcoming restaurant Karelia Kitchen, opening on Bloor Street next month. [The Grid]

Newly opened

  • Ramen mania continues as Japanese chain Santouka Ramen opens on Dundas Street.
  • And, again, ramen mania continues with Shogun Ramen, a Japanese noodle house for Richmond Hillers.
  • If you’re a fan of sushi (and happen to enjoy a bit of pyrotechnics), then JaBistro is the sushi joint for you.
  • The British food trucks are coming! The Feisty Jack food truck features traditional British pub fare and more.
  • Archive, a new wine and tapas bar, has opened at 909 Dundas West.
  • The Bloordale Pantry closed last month, and in its place is The Whippoorwill Restaurant and Tavern. [The Grid]
  • The owners of Three Speed have opened a new bar called The Wallflower on Dundas West. [The Grid]
  • Gelato Pizza brings exactly that, gelato and pizza, to Parkdale. Hopefully not on the same plate, though. Or would that be good? [The Grid]


  • After 14 years in business, east-end pastry shop LPK’s Culinary Groove has announced that it will close its doors at the end of December. [LPK’s Culinary Groove]
  • The last chance to check out The Feasting Room is quickly approaching. The popular nose-to-tail pop-up on College Street will come to an end — in its current form, at least — on Nov. 18. [The Feasting Room]


  • Little Italy’s College Street Bar has a new owner and, well, new everything, including a $5 snack menu by David Adjey.
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