Mark McEwan on the city's best stuffed pasta

Chef McEwan ranks some of the top hand-crafted ravioli and agnolotti in Toronto


There’s nothing like homemade pasta when the temperature starts to drop. This month, chef Mark​ McEwan samples some of the best hand-crafted ravioli and agnolotti the city has to offer. Mark knows stuffed pasta—Nonna McEwan’s veal, pork and beef ravioli is featured at Fabbrica.

Agnolotti al Tartofo

McEwan loves this ricotta-stuffed dish with chanterelles, hazelnuts and black truffles. “I really like the combination, really elegant and simple, as pasta should be,” he says.
99 Yorkville Ave., $29

Sweet Potato Agnolotti

According to McEwan, the pasta is tender and expertly constructed. “It’s a really nice combination of ingredients,” he says. “Someone knows what they are doing there.” 
849 Dundas St. W., $22

Egg Yolk Ravioli

“They mastered the egg yolk,” says McEwan. “It ran perfectly.” He thinks that the pasta is a little bit too thick around the edges, but other than that the raviolo is a solid dish.
88 Harbord St., $24

Ravioli di Zio Paperone

“The duck confit is a very nice filling,” praises McEwan. He also enjoys the spinach pasta but thinks it is a bit too thick for the dish. 
1095 Yonge St., $20.95 


Ravioli di Funghi Selvatici

This ravioli with wild mushrooms and topped with Tuscan black truffles and sage butter sauce makes for a very attractive plate, says McEwan. He thinks it could use a bit more sauce. 
2150 Yonge St., $29

Ricotta Agnolotti dal Plin

For McEwan, the highlight of the dish is the homemade pasta. He also loves the flavourful roasted squash filling. However, he thinks pine nuts would make a better topping.
2901 Bayview Ave., $23  

Zucca Ravioli

The butternut squash filling in this, pasta with hazelnut butter, cream sauce and fried sage is nicely roasted in McEwan’s opinion — although he thought the dish would have benefited from a thinner pasta.  
155 York Blvd., $21.80 

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