September 1, 2014
Oct 1, 2012
10:54 AM

Cheap Eat of the Week: sweet and crispy egg rolls from Pacific Mall

Crispy egg rolls (Image: Gizelle Lau)

The Chinese aren’t often lauded for their desserts. Sure, there are almond cookies, but dessert soups? An acquired taste. Recently, however, after being surprised by a friend with a pack of egg rolls from Pacific Mall, it didn’t take me long to realize that this dessert is one of my favourites, especially because of the memories it conjures up — of hours spent as a kid watching rolls being made with delight.

So, make your way past Pacific Mall’s always-crowded parking lot; past the shops selling the most blingin’ iPhone cases you’ve ever seen; past the DVD shops, bag shops and electronics stores and head up the escalators to Tung Tung Dan Quen King Ltd.

Or, simply follow your nose. The irresistible smell wafting throughout the mall are egg pastries being made fresh, and, if you’re lucky, you can score one hot off the press, literally. The shop, located at the edge of the southern section upstairs at Pacific Mall, sells several delicacies made in special egg waffle presses and crepe griddle plates that use a sweet batter made with flour, eggs, sugar and evaporated milk.

First, there’s the popular mini egg waffles ($3.25), then there’s crispy egg rolls ($3.50, like what you’d see in tin boxes made by Duck Shing Ho, not the stuff made famous by places like Ho-Lee-Chow) and let’s not forget the thin crepes folded into small square-sized cookies ($3.50). All of it is worth the trip to Markham.

Tung Tung Dan Quen King Ltd., Pacific Mall, 4300 Steeles Ave. E., Markham, 905- 470-8785

Gizelle Lau is a food and travel writer/photographer in Toronto who lives from one meal to the next. Her column, Cheap Eat of the Week, highlights dishes that costs $10 or less. Follow her on Twitter for your daily dose of food from in and around the city.