Best of Toronto: Candy shops just in time for Halloween


A sample from the wide selection at Sweet Season.

Image: Sweet Season/Facebook

It’ a childhood rite of passage: being old enough to go to the candy store by yourself. Armed with a loonie or two, choosing favourite candy for the welcome sugar rush is always fun and certainly doesn’t stop as an adult. With numerous options around the city, there’s no need to stop the tradition, with these candy shops devoted to sweet treats.

1. Bulk Mine

Just a few blocks south of Yonge & Bloor, locals can indulge by wandering the brightly coloured and well-organized aisles for the right sugar fix. Featuring bins of hard candy, licorice, gum and dried fruit, this candy shop has a long list of Jelly Belly products and British imports like Bassett’s Sherbert Lemons, Black Jack Chews, and a wide range of Cadbury bars such as Boost, Curly Wurly, Chips Ahoy, Flake, Time Out and Turkish.

Bulk Mine, 655 Yonge St., 416-513-0783

(Image: The Candy Bar/Facebook)


2. The Candy Bar

College Street dwellers are getting their sweet pick me up at this stylish candy store, which offers a wide range of sugary snacks from around the world. Dutch licorice, Italian chocolate, British sweets are readily available as well as Canadian-made treats from Soma, Stubbe, Denman Island Chocolate and Kind Greens. And for those planning a party, loot bags, pinatas and gift baskets are on offer to create sweet gifts for any occasion.

The Candy Bar, 849 College St., 416-532-0123

(Image: Sweet Season/Facebook)


3. Sweet Season

Midtown sugar fixes are easily found at this sweet-laden store, offering more than 500 bulk options of sugar creations from the popular, like Tootsie Rolls and Jelly Bellys, to the retro faves like Pez and Big League Chew. From filling up the loot bags to making party favours, shoppers can easily get the candy that fits the bill and a selection of organic dried fruit, chocolate, nuts and spices to restock the pantry.

Sweet Season, 2643 Yonge St., 416-901-7337


4. Sweet Thrills

This Roncesvalles sweet shop offers the standards — a wide range of hard and soft candy, options from England and Europe and a variety of treats from Willy Wonka to Icee Squeeze to toys, board games, balloons and party favours. West end party planners will appreciate the numerous options to make a sweet and fun filled gift bag pairing sugar treats and the latest toys from popular kids’ movies.

Sweet Thrills, 399 Roncesvalles Ave. (second location at Dufferin Mall focuses on toys), 416-535-9286

The jelly bean selection at Sugar Mountain definitely takes the adult palate into consideration. (Image: Sugar Mountain/Facebook)


5. Sugar Mountain

This sugar-based chain in the purple building is a colourful and tempting shop filled with numerous candy favourites including a plethora of gumballs and jawbreakers of all sizes, an extensive range of Jelly Belly flavours and the place for those obsessed with Pez and its distinctly collectible dispensers. Imported candies, sugar-free treats and a wide selection of Canadian-made goodies are always in stock.

Sugar Mountain, 563 Yonge St. (plus three other Toronto locations), 416-927-9620


6. Uncle John’s Candy Shack

Wanting a dose of nostalgia, candy style? This Mom and Pop shop in Mount Pleasant Village offers many sweet temptations of the past as well as a wide range of those oh so distinct candies and chocolates from England. For devotees of Cadbury UK products, this shack provides a wide range of options, and for those who like a a bit of savoury with your sweet, Uncle John’s sells Walker’s Crisps and several mainstays of English grocery store shelves.

Uncle John’s Candy Shack, 635 Mount Pleasant Rd., 416-789-1133

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