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First Look: Stuft, taking street meat to new heights


Food trucks, we were told, would take Toronto's street food to the promised land of culinary diversity beyond the hot dog cart. The rules of self-referential irony demand that at least one of those trucks tips its hat to what came before by serving an advanced version of the hot dog. With their custom-blend sausages and homemade sauces stuffed into a toasted bun, Stuft is just that truck.

The Stuft truck, co-owned by David Orzakovski and Lance Freelan, made one of its first public appearances this weekend during the AwesTRUCK food truck awards at the Evergreen Brick Works.

The idea to use the custom spike toaster, which is a common appliance throughout Europe, struck Orzakovski during a trip to Spain. Buns are constantly toasted on the spikes that create a cavity in their centre. This allows the big catch of the Stuft truck: each customer chooses one of six already-cooked sausages and one of four sauces, which are then stuffed into the middle of each bun.

The sausages are made by The Butcher Shoppe (such as Thai Chicken $9, Apricot Minted Lamb $9, or Portobello Horseradish Beef $8) and are made from naturally-raised or organic meat. The Italian Steak buns are baked by Silverstein's Bakery, but all other ingredients are prepared by the Stuft team. Freelan and Orzakovski designed the sausages so that the appropriate condiments (like the green curry, lemon grass, cilantro, and thai chili) are already integrated into the sausage stuffing. 

For sides, they offer an Apple Fennel slaw ($4) or Smoked Sea Salt Buffalo Chips ($3) that Orzakovski describes as a hybrid between a french fry and a potato chip. Dessert is also taken care of with the Stuft Liege Waffle on a Stick ($3 or $4 if “stuft” with chocolate banana custard).

The Stuft truck will be making its next appearance today in front of the Bloor Cinema from 7 p.m. to midnight as part of the TIFF food truck promotion. Later in the month they'll be at the Queen West Art Crawl.

Stuft, @StuftTruck

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