Too Close To Call: Toronto’s soda-licious pop purveyors go head-to-head



Forget the Pepsi challenge — T.O. has its own brood of custom soda purveyors brewing concoctions way better than your average cola. Whose pop will tickle your taste buds? You decide.





Rebekka Hutton, 2012
Owner(s), year established:
Bryan Lavers and Tye Thomas, 2012


I started a fermented food company, and naturally fermented sodas are just an extension of that.
How did you get into the soda pop business? Not to downplay it, but it was an afterthought. The store had an old-time feel, so we thought we should make soda.
A lot of the sodas are unusual because you can make anything into soda, but we’ve made a sugar snap pea mint soda.
What are some cool flavours you have made?
We have a green cardamom cream soda, and we’ll be testing out new products like a lime pop. I’ve also wanted to make a blueberry lavender.

Food writer Sarah Elton and singer-songwriter Doug Paisley.
Does your soda have any famous fans? Host of One Night Stand, Annie Sibonney, and Lucky Peach magazine editor Peter Meehan.
This year, the rhubarb maple ginger soda or maybe the Saskatoon shiso.
What flavour tickles your fancy?
I think the ginger beer. It’s, hands down, the best pop that we make.
Yes, it’s easy for us to do and it’s really fun if you are having an event.
Do you make custom flavours?
Right now we are working on a custom cola for a specific bar in the city.
Our bottles are 500 ml and cost $5.
How much will a bottle of pop set you back?
It’s on tap or bottled at 500 ml for $5 plus a bottle deposit of $2.50.
Except ginger and spices, our produce and fruit are local, seasonal and organic.
Do you use local ingredients?
We use as much Ontario produce as we can, but it’s hard to get local ginger.
We’re at the Trinity Bellwoods, Wychwood Barns and Evergreen Brick Works farmers’ markets.
Where can we get our hands on your soda?
We’re located at 193 Baldwin St. and in over 20 restaurants including Big Crow, Rose and Sons, Fat Pasha and Ferro.







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