Fashion: Spring’s wild fling

Toss any preconceived notions about shoes out the window and embrace your inner kook. From neon green to a beaded fringe, Jeanne walks us through the season’s most eccentric footwear.



A) Dancing toes
Capezio, Bayview Village, $280 
“Get me to the disco! These make such an elegant statement with the ankle tie and these fantastic paillettes.” 

B) Queen tuft
Gravitypope, 1010 Queen St. W., $575 
“I just love a good slide, and these have almost a wedge heel. Great little pompoms — we’ll call them tufts. I really love the colours.” 

C) Sandal scandal
Studio D, 2570 Yonge St., $545 
“Here we’ve got that great chunky look, but these are very lightweight. I love the tweedy Chanel-like fabric. Very joyful.” 

D) Moonwalker
John Fluevog, 686 Queen St. W., $339 
“These are what I dreamed of wearing to the moon when I was a kid, ’cause they look so futuristic. A very edgy Canadian shoe.”

E) Pretty in pink
Holt Renfrew, 50 Bloor St. W., $970
“These are so feminine. They have that old Hollywood feel — you could just imagine Carole Lombard wearing shoes like this.”

F) Two for the show 
Tanya Heath, 138 Cumberland St., $785 
“I love Tanya Heath. She does the multiple heel shoe where you can exchange the heels with others.”

G) Dots on dots 
Hudson’s Bay, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, $358
“This is a great statement shoe for someone who wants to dip her toe into the world of craziness.”

H) Neon with envy
Specchio, 1240 Bay St., $650
“Very artful. God is in the details. I especially love the detailing on the buckle — it looks like a little western belt buckle!”

I-L) These shoes are made for walkin’
Gravitypope, 1010 Queen St. W., $200; ALDO, Hillcrest Mall, $110; Victoire, 129A Ossington Ave., $178; The Room at The Bay, 176 Yonge St., $1,494
"I) These are just yummy! This Creamsicle colour is great for the season. J) Very sexy with the fringe coming off the ankle. It’s great to have a denim stiletto of this nature. K) It’s all about the colour with this Beatle boot. Just think of this as a seasonless shoe. L) Oh, I love Charlotte Olympia. This shoe looks like a little garden party with ladybugs and bumble bees and daisies.” 

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