Home of the Week: Macpherson Avenue next-door neighbours go head to head on the market


Both 45 (centre) and 47 Macpherson Avenue (with the tree and fenced front yard) were recently put on the market

Macpherson Avenue is one of the most prestigious addresses in the city. But for two of the street's residents — next-door neighbours, no less — it's time to sell their Victorian semi-detached homes and move on; leaving two stunning properties on the market within days of one another. 

Sitting side by side, these two sought-after homes are located on the south side of Macpherson Avenue, just a short walk to some great restaurants and shops in the Summerhill and Rosedale neighbourhood.

First up is 45 Macpherson Avenue, listed for $2,795,000 with Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd.

The three-storey semi-detached property has been completely renovated, with a mix of wrought-iron, Brazilian slate and warm walnut custom millwork throughout. The property features a third-master retreat with a stunning south-facing decking overlooking Toronto's skyline. There's also a year-round plunge pool and a professionally landscaped backyard.

Next door, at 47 Macpherson Avenue, is a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home that's on sale for $2,395,000 with Slavens & Associates.

Like its counterpart, 47 has plenty of space for entertaining with an equivalent third-storey master retreat with skyline views from the rooftop terrace. Alternatively, take a walk out from the breakfast room into the backyard, where there's space for some patio furniture and a detached garage. 

Can't choose between them? Go halves with your BFF and never worry about dealing with an annoying next-door neighbour ever again.

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