Fashion: Make a statement!

There’s nothing quite like some ear drama to jazz up a look. From double hoops to tassels to diamond feathers and back again, Jeanne walks us through the season’s boldest earring trend. Wear just one if you dare.


A) Eye of a tiger
Thomas Sabo, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, $319 
“These are absolutely beautiful. They have a real deco vibe to them and the tiger’s eye is really pretty.”

B) Hoop and holler
Biko,, $69
“These are the kind of earrings that make you fall in love with the whole idea of statement earrings. If you’re going to have one pair...”

C) Disco ballin’
Milli, 231 Avenue Rd., $395
“This is a total a salute to Studio 54! They’re what go-go girls would wear. Maxed out glam done in a playful way.”

D) Setting sail
Room 2046,, $387
“To me, they look like pirate ships sailing through space. They have that wonderful handmade feel — a nod to the art-to-wear movement.”

E) Blue rain
Archives, 1275 Bay St., $330
“They used to call them shoulder dusters because they practically touched your shoulders. Very modern with a great sense of movement. Wow.”

F) Light as a…
Mark Lash, 9033 Leslie St., $11,600  
“Stunning. A real tribute to Mark Lash’s design talent — a fine piece of jewellery that has a great feel of originality to it.” 

G) Fit for Nefertiti
SurondStudio,, $35
“These make a big whopping statement. They look Egyptian and are leather, which makes them light and easy to wear.”

H) The pom in your pom
Hayley Elsaesser, 695 Queen St. W., $16 
“So much fun! An ode to cheerleaders everywhere. A young spirit. If Iris Apfel put them on, they’d work.”

I) Fanning out 
Dean Davidson,, $325
“Dean is one of our true treasures — what a brilliant Canadian artist. These fans are ultimately romantic.”

J) Linking up
Jenny Bird,, $85 
“I really, really love Jenny Bird. She has a very cool sensibility. We all love our chains, and these give you that edgy feeling without looking cheesy.” 

K) Ear exotica
Secrett, 162 Cumberland St., $9,125 
“This to me is exotica: eastern glamour that I am always a sucker for. Mandarin garnets and peridots … spectacular.”

L) Tasselonomy
AuthenticPeaces,, $60 
“I see a lot of these tassel earrings, and these ones look tribal in a really elegant way. They look very delicate and bold at the same time.”

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