Local Love: Local lingerie designer collabs with Candice Huffine for capsule collection


If you’re not familiar with Fortnight Lingerie, it’s time to become a fangirl. Founded by designer Christina Remenyi back in 2010, the Parkdale-based lingerie label has since been making waves in the fashion world thanks to their modern fits with a retro sensibility. Most recently, Fortnight got together with model Candice Huffine to release a capsule collection of underthings: Candice Huffine x Fortnight.

The stunning Huffine has graced the cover of Vogue Italia and radiates body positivity. Huffine had been a muse for Remenyi since the designer spotted the model in Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book in 2014. As it turned out, Huffine was already a fan. “I was introduced to Fortnight on set for a fashion editorial and I fell in love with the longline bra style as it was something I had always longed for,” Huffine noted in a press release. So when Fortnight approached the model to collab, it was a no-brainer.

Reaching from balconette bra to slip, the collection boasts 12 pieces of pretty intimates.  Toronto artist Danielle Suppa helped craft the two differing prints which, despite being leopard in nature, have been softened and modernized.

Our favourite piece would have to be the v-neck bodysuit in black leopard ($185) which could easily be worn as a top for the right occasion. While the front is crafted from Italian jersey, it’s the mesh back with cutaway detail that truly make the piece unforgettable.

We note the decision to expand the lingerie label’s sizes came about as part of the collaboration. Bras are now available in 36E, 34F and 30-32G, while bottoms and such reach up to XXL. 

“We want women to know that they are beautiful in every shape and form,” Huffine said in the release. We hear you. 

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Karolyne Ellacott is senior editor at Post City Magazines. She can oft be spotted at Toronto’s most nostalgic diners wearing glittery heels and pink faux fur. Follow all of her eclectic writing interests on Twitter @kellacott and Instagram @itismekar.

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