Gentleman’s Choice: a pink (but manly) silk tie


Now that men aren’t thinking twice about donning mauve, cerulean and mustard, it’s important to remember that it all started with the humble shade of pink.

This silk tie from vaunted Swiss shirtmaker Eton, available at the Annex’s Theodore 1922, takes our favourite hue and gives it some decided edginess with tone-on-tone diagonal striping and black accents.

Skinnier than average at 5.5 cm wide, this tie is best suited for creative office types or for going out. Pair the fine weave of this neckwear with a contrasting pattern, such as a sky-blue windowpane check, or play with textures by wearing it with a fine pin-dot shirt.

Here’s to an early spring.

$195. Available at Theodore 1922, 497 Bloor St. W., 416-319-3559

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