Gentleman’s Choice: a pair of warm, flannel-lined jeans (so you can leave the thermals at home)

Though you still see them everywhere, wearing jeans in the winter is pretty inadvisable if you’re planning on skipping the thermals underneath. Instead of having the windchill freeze the denim to your legs, you might want to stop by Ossington’s Philip Sparks to pick up a pair of these flannel-lined jeans. 

Alongside the traditional five-pocket construction, hidden beneath the black selvedge denim is 100 per cent cotton flannel for extra coziness. As an added bonus to the warmth, the jeans are also slim-cut, allowing you to bypass those unfortunate times you settle for wearing a wider boot-cut leg to accommodate the extra layers comfortably.

Pair these with a traditional Oxford dress shirt if you’re obligated to be business casual, but your regular wardrobe from the waist up will work well enough for almost any occasion in town. 

$167.50. Available at Philip Sparks, 162 Ossington Ave.

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