Big Opening: Stole My Heart

Luxe lingerie in the west end


The interior at Stole My Heart


Stole My Heart focuses on women’s lingerie, designed by women with few exceptions. The biggest difference for the customer? Female designed lingerie is largely focused on comfort, fit, and style — it is sexy as a result, rather than as its purpose.

Owners Amy Pearson and Ashley Holden believe that the primary function of lingerie is to make women feel good, rather than look good for someone else, and have partnered with amazing brands to support its beliefs.

Stole My Heart carries 17 lingerie & underwear brands from all over the world, with nine that are new to the city and two (Hopeless Lingerie and Le Petit Trou), that are exclusive to Stole My Heart. Hopeless Lingerie is handmade in Melbourne, Australia and offers some gorgeous, edgier pieces in an impressive size range. Le Petit Trou, from Poland, designs unique pieces that strike the perfect balance between modern minimalist and sweetly romantic.

The shop also carries a few Canadian brands ranging from Mary Young, Uncuffed Leather, Knix and Bravado, as well as a number of bath, beauty and lingerie care brands that are all Canadian.

Pearson and Holden also aim to ensure all of Stole My Heart’s pieces will ultimately speak to all women, whether they are a romantic, minimalist, provocateur, or just playful.
1504 Dundas St. W. 

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