The Toronto Interior Design Show 2018 combines brains with beauty


Furniture by HUPPÉ

For designheads, January is far less of a drab spot on the calendar than for the rest of the populace. Thanks to a series of design events — including the Toronto Design Offsite Festival and Come Up To My Room at the Gladstone Hotel — the month is filled with endless inspired to-dos. But the grand dame of it all is the Interior Design Show — or IDS, as the kids say — which climbs into the sprawling Metro Toronto Convention Centre this weekend to showcase the best the world has to offer when it comes to design. 

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the event, and introduces Yabu Pushelberg — George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg — as the guests of honour. These partners in love and life met at Ryerson University back in the day and have worked together for a cool 38 years, hightailing it into the upper echelons of global design with their firm. Their spiffy guest of honour role marks the first time — shocker! — a couple of Canadians have been granted the role.

The Yabu Pushelberg nod brings us to the superCanuck focus of IDS’s 2018 chapter. (When asked what “Canadian Design” is in a Q&A session, the pair noted that Canadians are known for our objectiveness and, yes, for being quiet — which doesn’t mean we’re not bursting with ideas!) This year keep those peepers peeled for names like Anony, who nabbed top place in last year’s best Studio North collection. Their Dawn light sees plexiglass elegantly draped over an aluminum tube, as if the eyes of an Anime character were transformed into a lighting fixture. 

Quebec’s furniture folks Huppé do quietly beautiful furnishings for the entire home. Meanwhile local guys Charuk & Ford are doing sustainable, small batch furniture. Look for their stunning wood coffee table with brass stretchers and a slung leather shelf. (Amateur woodworkers may know Simon Ford from the nifty woodworking classes held in the Junction).

Finally, Concealed Studio does wacky light fixtures that are crystalline in nature, looking as if something from Bjork’s closet has hopped into a slightly different medium. 



IDS also places much focus on the kitchen in 2018, showcasing the latest in innovation and some rather spiffy high tech appliances for us to ogle. We’re pretty sure the most spectacular example of this is Miele’s Dialog Oven which — somehow through all sorts of magic and the use of energy—is able to cook a fish while it remains encased in a block of ice. Yes. Fish in ice. Cooked. No ice melts. Exactly.  

So for those looking for something both inspirational and aspirational — those seeking out ideas to spruce up the abode with — IDS is just the ticket. 

Toronto Interior Design Show, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front Street West.




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Karolyne Ellacott is senior editor at Post City Magazines. She can oft be spotted at Toronto’s most nostalgic diners wearing glittery heels and pink faux fur. Follow all of her eclectic writing interests on Twitter @kellacott and Instagram @itismekar.

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