Fashion: Jeanne Beker’s picks for staying stylish while in the sun

Summer means weekend jaunts are de rigueur, but don’t sacrifice style for sweats: Jeanne pairs comfort with fashion cred


Jeanne Beker

Between the sun and heat (not to mention the possibility of a comfortable time outdoors) the Canadian summer presents unique fashion challenges. We got Jeanne Beker, our longtime fashion columnist to pick thirteen of her favourite items for summer 2015.

Know the ’drille (A)
Capezio, The Promenade, $118 
“There’s a lot of styling to these. Espadrilles are everywhere, but these ones stand out. They’ve got a nice platform and fantastic rubber sole to grip the dock or boat.”

Positive outlook (B)
Leilanni,, $200 
“I say yes! Yes to jumping into the lake — even though it’s freezing. It has a young spirit, but an older woman could wear a suit like this, too. It’s just a nice, positive message.”

Dash of mystery (C)
Hatitude,, $265
“You’ve gotta have a big-brimmed hat if you’re going to be by the water. Protect your precious face! This is wonderful because it’s red, so it’s very upbeat and very fun.”

Shape shifter (D)
Andrews, Bayview Village, $395
“This is absolutely beautiful. The elasticized top allows you to wear it in myriad ways: wear it as a skirt, hike it up as a dress. It’s just romantic country dressing.”

Ravishing red (E)
Club Monaco, 157 Bloor St. W., $170
“Canada Day shorts for those who have the nerve to wear short shorts. This silky pair has a bit of chiffon dripping out the bottom, but they’re sporty, too.”

Showy toes (F)
Carbon, 2591 Yonge St., $95
“We all love our flip-flops when it comes to jumping on the boat. This is a great flip-flop with a rubber sole, and the gold on the toe gives you a bit of glitz.”

Poppin’ peepers (G)
Illesteva at Carbon, 2591 Yonge St., $250
“I love these sunglasses. I love the tortoiseshell. I love the shape. The modern lens gives a great pop of colour and makes a real fashionstatement.”

Haute hangouts (H)
Coal Miner's Daughter, 594 Markham St., $248
“This is a great little Mélissa Nepton dress. It’s just great for hanging out and very flattering for any figure type because it doesn’t hold you in.”

Clean lines (I)
Matt & Nat at Heel Boy, 773 Queen St. W. $150
“This has a great chartreuse colour going on, clean modern lines and is vegan. If you’re doing a lot of biking or hiking, you’ll want a hands-free bag.”

Provincial love (J)
Drake General Store, 2607 Yonge St., $95
“Why not publicize Ontario and the sweet trillium that is so emblematic of our province? There’s a retro vibe to this, and I love that French blue.”

Laid-back luxe (K)
Laura Siegel at Deluxe, 781 Queen St. W., $435 
“This is so beautiful. I love a kaftan in the summer — go a little more chic dockside at the cottage. It’s appropriate for women of all body types.”

Pattern play (L)
Canon Blanc, 2624 Yonge St., $120
“This is a great all-round beach tote that you can fit all kinds of stuff in. Take it on a picnic: sandwiches, a bottle of wine and a blankie.You’re good to go!”

Cosy comfort (M)
Holt Renfrew, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, $375
“This feels so luxurious — so soft and cuddly. The blanket stitching on the end gives it a rustic homemade feel. Take it with you when you go to a campfire at night.”

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Post City's fashion columnist is one of Canada’s most trusted a­­uthorities on style and fashion, having covered the industry for more than 25 years as a journalist, speaker and author. Now watch Jeanne in her current style editor role on the Shopping Channel’s Style Matters with Jeanne Beker.

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