Sensational summer hats for all occasions


Image: Tomas Salas on Unsplash

With summer in full bloom, it’s important to consider sun protection when heading outdoors. But how what if you want to stay chic and not compromise style for function? Well, we’ve got a hat for that. These five simple styles will take you everywhere you need to be this season.

R2 Raffia by Tilley Endurables, $120

With a lovely, poseable brim, the hand-braided R2 Raffia by Tilley Endurables is both breathable and beautiful. Julia Ormond’s character Susannah wore a similar style playing tennis with her beau on Legends of the Fall. This definitive hat is perfect for attending a Gatsby-themed garden party, a wedding or a day at the races. While it is certified UPF 50+, packable and includes a ribbon that can be tightened against the wind, the R2 Raffia is not meant for the rain.


LTM6 Airflo® by Tilley Endurables, $90 

Tilley’s made-in-Canada Airflo is their best seller and it’ll take you from the cottage dock to the kayak and back again. Now this could just be a myth, but I once heard a gentleman claim his Tilley was eaten by an elephant...and pooped out in perfect condition! Tilley does guarantee the Airflo® for life, so there may be some truth in that story. To quote the incredibly comfortable hat’s inner label, “It floats, ties on, repels rain, blocks UV rays, won’t shrink, and comes with a four-page owner’s manual.” A classic.

MEC I Love Outdoors Unisex Bucket Hat, $40

Easy foldable to fit in a knapsack or a fanny pack (do people still wear those?), the MEC I Love Outdoors bucket hat, with its adorably appropriate outdoorsy pattern, is perfect for camping out at a Provincial Park – or cooking out at a tailgate. Made from recycled polyester and organically-grown cotton, it’s the hat your boyfriend will borrow and likely never give back.

Wallaroo Victoria Fedora, $54 

With its wide brim, the Wallaroo Victoria brings a hint of the outback to a traditional fedora. There’s a internal drawstring to adjust sizing hidden under the polyester exterior, and it comes in brown and black. This hat honestly looks good on everyone. The Wallaroo Victoria is just what you need for shopping the neighbourhood, hitting a patio for drinks or basically looking super chic while you stay cool.       

Packable Cloche with Flower by Nine West, $50

This adorable cloche with its lovely flower detail comes from Nine West, and is available both online and in shops across town. A cinch to pack, it’s perfect for a weekend getaway or lounging poolside. Just roll it up and throw it in your tote bag – the style will reform into its shape with no wrinkles. Easy, breezy and sweet!



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