Smart summer gear for Toronto’s little ones and their parents


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Summer has arrived in Toronto at last, with plenty of long sunny days and warmer evenings ahead. For new parents, this means plenty of places to go and things to see with little ones in tow.  Here are a few suggestions – some locally based — on how to navigate the warmer months with style and ease.

Bébé Fête

You wear your hometown pride on your sleeve, so to speak. Now your mini can too.

Locally designed and produced Bébé Fête is perfect for little boys and girls with just the right amount of street cred. “416” tees ($28-$39) and bodysuits ($35) are ideal for Toronto’s next generation. Even better, the hooded “Born Famous” Romper and “Off The Chain” dress ($55.95) provide easy one-piece dressing, with a little extra sun coverage from the hood. With the dress, just add leggings when things get a little cooler.

Bonus: all garments feature eco-friendly screen printing methods.

Bugaboo Bee 5

From strolling the city streets to relaxing in one of our many parks, it’s a great to be outside with the kids at this time of year. Make it even more of a pleasure with a stroller that works for you whatever your plans entail. The freshly upgraded Bee 5 from Bugaboo (starting at $859) is an urban parent’s dream: lightweight, compact, stylish, customizable, and versatile.  Whether you walk, take the TTC, drive or a combination of all three this stroller glides effortlessly along with you thanks to independent 4-wheel suspension and a cushier seat for your babe.

From the newborn stage (with pram attachment or baby cocoon) through the toddler years, this is the only one you’ll need because it’s compact enough to travel with. Really, who wants to buy a second stroller just to go on holiday (and then has the room to store it)? Condo and townhouse dwellers, you know what I mean. 

If running is your thing, the separately sold Bugaboo Runner chassis will convert your Bee into the perfect jogging companion.

Fragola Organic Baby Food

There’s a lot going on at this time of year, and sometimes that means planning, shopping for, and cooking healthy meals is tricky. A lot of grown-ups buy into meal delivery services for just this reason. Now there’s such an option for your baby or toddler.

Fragola Organic Baby Food provides individually packaged, 100% organic meals with no added sugar, salt, artificial flavours or preservatives. Available in different textures depending on the age of your little one (purées for the baby, chunkier for toddlers), Fragola works with a nutritionist to develop their range of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner that arrive in tamper evident packaging.

Plus, delivery in Toronto and much of the GTA is free. All you need to do is pick which plan you’d like ($55 - $75) and nutritious food shows up fresh at your door. Timesaver extraordinaire.

Leaves of Trees

Summer is the season of bumps, scrapes, bites and burns. Soothe irritated skin for your little one (and yourself) and keep it all-natural in the process with Leaves of Trees Lavender Argan Butter ($17). This locally-made, cruelty-free balm is perfect for moisturizing dry skin thanks to argan oil. Healing lavender also helps soothe redness, dryness and itchiness while promoting relaxation and reducing stress. All this with only three ingredients. 

Perfect for hands (because you are always, always washing things), body or drier patches on elbows and feet. 

All Leaves of Trees products are free of nastiness like phthalates, parabens, tricoslan, and other stuff that we’re all better off without.

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Michelle Jobin is a TV host, producer, writer, and Stott Certified Pilates instructor based in Toronto. She is fitness, travel, style and food obsessed.  For more of her musing on these subjects and beyond, follow her on Instagram @michelle.jobin  Twitter @michellejobin or visit her website at

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