Revelling in the rainbow ahead of Toronto’s Pride Weekend


This month is all about showing our pride, culminating in the high-energy parade, so what better way to celebrate than by wearing the rainbow? Jeanne shows us all the fashionable ways to show your support.

A) Time to play
Uncuffed Leather, $79 
“This is a very kinky choker, very frivolous and really a ton of fun! A great symbol of your spirit of play.” 

B) Bands of colour
Bikini Village, The Promenade, $112
“This is a really pretty cover-up. I wouldn’t say it has to be limited to the beach.”

C) What a pill
Archives, 1275 Bay St., $1,420
“I’ve been drooling over this clutch since I first saw it. A capsule of the rainbow. Put that in your hand and ... wow!”

D) Spirited print  
Bathing Belle, $169 
“Well, I love this print! It’s so simple. There’s a naïveté to it, and there’s the iridescent sheen. It’s going to make you smile.” 

E) Painterly view 
Gravitypope, 1010 Queen St. W., $110 
“Camper is a brand with a great sense of whimsy. So light and comfortable —  the perfect shoe for walking around town in.” 

F) Over the arcs
Ted Baker, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, $415
“Rainbow colours on a dark background give a sense of drama. And it’s got pockets! Who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?!”

G) Seeing in prism
Archives, 1275 Bay St., $415 
“If you’re going to watch the parade, these would be a great accessory. My inner crazy chick is dying to put these on.”

H) Hayley Elsaesser, 695 Queen St. W., $27

I) Dip a toe in rainbow
Davids, 66 Bloor St. W. $775
“I screamed when I saw these! It’s all about taking yourself lightly and realizing your little girl fantasies. Exquisite.”

J) Tropical hue
Hayley Elsaesser, 695 Queen St. W., $169 
“I love the ode to the great old Hawaiian shirt. This tropical fish print is charming, and the fabrication is super soft and doesn’t wrinkle.” 

K) The Future of Frances Watson, 1390 Queen St. W., $98

L) Gimme a ROYGBIV
Sandpipers, 87 Yorkville Ave., $285  
“Such a beautiful bikini. This is like a piece of jewellery; the beadwork is exceptional.” 

M) Cloakroom, 1177 Yonge St., $85

N) Tattooit and Loris Lace and Threads,, $5.59 each & $17 (wings)

O) Colourful nod
Augustina, 1222 Yonge St., $225
“We all need to protect our heads in the sunny weather and this multicoloured straw hat just adds an exotic flair to any summer ensemble.”

P) Polychrome pop
Canopy Blue, 2582 Yonge St., $150 
“These are fun! A really good-quality sweatpant that’s cropped and looks great with a sneaker.” 

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Post City's fashion columnist is one of Canada’s most trusted a­­uthorities on style and fashion, having covered the industry for more than 25 years as a journalist, speaker and author. Now watch Jeanne in her current style editor role on the Shopping Channel’s Style Matters with Jeanne Beker.

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