Paris girl fashion

This spring, the hautest look strolling the streets is Paris-inspired chic. So we had Jeanne Beker pick the perfect pieces to help us channel our inner mademoiselle — from basket bags to ballet flats.


A) Pièce de résistance
“This sporty Longchamp neckerchief is a forever piece.” 
Andrews, Bayview Village, $125

B) Chapeau chic
“It looks like something right out of the past, but has a modern French flare to it.” 
Aldo, Promenade mall, $22

C) Strap in
“These See by Chloe espadrilles are a great shoe to run around in.” 
Studio D, 2570 Yonge St., $345 

D) Patriotic patterns
"This is a great little sweater to wear out on the golf couse." 
Pink Tartan, 77 Yorkville Ave., $295 (top) 
"I could see Picasso wearing this, it's got that true artistic feel to it." 
Milli Ltd., 231 Avenue Rd., $495 (bottom) 

E) Robe rouge
“I love the length of this dress. It’s got a ’40s nostalgic, feminine flare and is light as a feather.” 
Sandro Paris, Yorkdale mall, $455

F) Cashmere cool
“A cashmere sweater with some whimsy in it is really cool.” 
Snapdragon, 604 Mt. Pleasant Rd., $275 

G) Sailor style
“Oh how French can you get! These are the classic sailor pants.” 
Andrews, Bayview Village, $475 

H) The right stripe
“I love this pinstripe A-line skirt with these big buttons.” 
Andrews, Bayview Village, $595 

I) Belle blazer
“This is a great tailored jacket. I love the double-breasted style. That’s really back big time.” 
Sandro Paris, Yorkdale mall, $545 

J) A mini basket
“This little bag is just adorable. A beautiful summer accent piece that makes you smile.” 
Zara, Yorkdale mall, $39.90

K) Colonel mustard
“This little ankle strap always looks very French to me, with a great pointy toe.” 
Aldo, Promenade mall, $65 

L) Off to the ballet
“These Chloe flats are beautiful with the scallopped detailing around the edge.” 
Davids, 66 Bloor St. W., $670 

M) Buckle up
“This is just mouth-watering. It’s irresistible. It makes such a statement no matter what you’re wearing.” 
Milli Ltd., 231 Avenue Rd., $1,695 

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