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Gentleman’s Choice: a toasty, down-filled vest

This November, you may need to add a layer or two for extra warmth — and we’re not just talking a manly addition to your upper lip.

Infinitely useful in their versatility, down vests have become a staple for urban dwellers braving the windy roads. Seeking something contemporary and practical, we looked to this collab between Japanese brand NexusVII and the indie, eco-friendly guys at Holden Outerwear in the States.

The NEX-WCS LV-3 hooded down vest, priced at $708 over at HAVEN, takes the classic pullover vest and updates it with leather accents on the shoulders, neck and chest. A half-zip front fastening ends at a pouch pocket, and another zipper under the left armhole makes for an easy escape in case things get too toasty. Two-tone drawstrings and cinches at the hem and hood keep it fitting nice and snug.

Our advice? Wear it over absolutely everything — yes, even your suit — and stave off inevitably digging up your wool winter coat as long as possible.

$708. Available online now and soon at HAVEN’s Toronto store, 145 Berkeley St., 647-344-4745

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