Who wore it better? Black leather skirt edition


Whether you’re an uptown lady or a downtown gal, a black leather skirt is a wardrobe staple. This month Jeanne shops two ’hoods and puts together two smashing looks.

Ossington finds

“This is a great leather skirt. I love it with these boots because they’re a cross between a brogue and a combat boot. The sweater is a wonderful shade of silvery gray with beautiful detailing at the shoulder. We’ve teamed it with this marigold yellow turtleneck for a pop of colour. The look’s got an edge.”

A) Cap - Annie Aime ($85)
B) T-neck - Victoire ($89)
C) Earrings - Victoire ($98)
D) Sweater - Jonathan+Olivia ($820)
E) Boots - Gravitypope ($550)
F) Skirt - Tiger of Sweden ($399)

Yorkville buys

“Then we go uptown to our dressier look, which is again based on a simple A-line leather skirt. This is a stunning Erdem shirt with ruffled bell sleeves, and I adore these boots! Pair with a pale pink coat — a big trend for the season — and a fun little bag. The way the colours all work together is so romantic.”

G) Earrings - Intermix ($455)
H) Blouse - Milli ($1,595)
I) Coat - Club Monaco ($498)
J) Bag - Intermix ($495)
K) Skirt - Holt Renfrew ($940)
L) Boots - Specchio ($1,295)

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