Jeanne Beker picks Toronto's must-have bags for fall

Designer handbags, luxe backpacks and crossbody bags with a pop of colour


Whether you’re twiddling it between your fingers, hanging it across your torso or strapping it to your back, a good bag can take your look to the next level. So we asked fashion icon Jeanne Beker to pick her favourite bags for fall in three quintessential styles — the mini bag, backpack and crossbody. 

MINI BAG (from top)

“This is irresistible. You want to take a bite out of it. You would keep this in your collection and pass it down.”
Ela, $395

“It’s like an objet you want to display on your mantel with this antique gold metallic and these beautiful flowers that seem to be growing right out of the bag.”
Ela, $395

Jeanne Beker with the handbag from Ela


“If I was going to go dancing, this bag will do just the job. I love the coloration, and there’s something artisanal about it."
Fitzy,, $105.63

“I like the haircalf and the fact that you can snap off the strap and carry this as a little clutch.”
Eleven Thirty, 1130 College St., $203

BACKPACK (from top)

“A totally unusual backpack that is very elegant and modern. This 3D knit fabrication is so interesting. It’s very high fashion, very modern, very forward.”
Hoi Bo, 15 Trinity St., $328

“I’ve seen a lot of backpacks recently, but I haven’t seen one like this. It’s reminiscent of an old-fashioned hat box.”
Matt & Nat,, $160

The backpack from Matt & Nat


“A great nod to the athleisure trend, it’s not too fancy but has a pearlized quilted nylon fabric with a nice feel to it. It looks sporty chic and is a great little bag for travel.”
Andrews, Bayview Village, $280

“A gorgeous, luxurious nylon backpack with beautiful studding on the strap from our friend Christian Louboutin.”
Davids, 66 Bloor St. W., $1,590

CROSSBODY (from top)

“It’s beautiful, simple and chic and has these bone handles for decoration or to carry it as an elegant evening bag.”
Opelle, 128 St. Clarens Ave., $345

“I love the trademark Valentino studs on the strap because it almost works as a piece of jewellery.”
Davids, 66 Bloor St. W., $1,660

The studded sensation by Valentino


“What a cute bag! It’s got this haircalf and a great leopard print, which is a big story for the season.”
Aldo, Promenade Mall, $50

“There’s something retro about this little closure, and it gives the bag a lot of personality.”‚Äč
Zane, 753 Queen St. W., $476

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