Best salons, stores and boutiques in Thornhill & Richmond Hill for 2016


Pictured L–R: Karen DeVreeze (Orchid Florist), Kathryn McCallum Pipes (Curvaceous Consignments) and Karin Lickers (Glaze Craze)

Best florist
Orchid Florist
always hits the nail on the head when it comes to floral arrangements. Stunners.  7787 Yonge St.
Karen’s pick: Best for skin
“Shawn from Thornhill Skin Clinic can diagnose my skin needs so easily, he does it in line for our morning coffee.” 7787 Yonge St., Units 11 & 12

Best for curves
The fabulous Curvaceous Consignments wins us over with its message (flaunt it!) and garb. 7670 Yonge St.
Kathryn’s pick: Best manicure
“I go to Bobo’s. It’s extremely popular, and I’ve been going for about 12 years. Very high standards, it’s a very, very good salon.” 8750 Bayview Ave, Unit 9

Best fun with clay
Glaze Craze
will have you crafting clay everything, from baby prints to mesmerizing bowls. 11005 Yonge St.
Karin’s pick: Best for hair
Salon Michael’s owner was the first of our neighbours to introduce himself when we moved in. Not to mention he gives a great haircut!” 11005 Yonge St.

Best for beauty
Beauty fans know that it’s South Korea that’s really making waves on the scene. The Face Shop is one of our faves, and its 905 debut means it’s that much easier to get sheet masks. CF Promenade Mall

Best for knitters
Thinking of diving into knitting this fall? Knitters Attic has anything and everything one could possibly need for whipping up your first hat, socks or boldly patterned sweater.  10119 Yonge St.

Best boutique
Leave it to Honey to keep us in cool threads. With a roster of hot labels under their roof (think Autumn Cashmere, Line and Rebecca Minkoff), they make it easy to look on trend. CF Promenade Mall

Best blowouts
The uber popular Fratelli’s Salon is the place to go for a root-lifting, hair-shaping blowout that will see you emerging from the space looking like your very best self. 7787 Yonge St.

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