Everything from varsity jackets to accessories for autumn with these 6 picks


Image: Photo by Anton Dee on Unsplash

Fall fashion is so often about the extras. Drawing from some local talent and inspired by all things sleek, urban, retro and perhaps a bit collegiate, here are some picks to give your look a little edge as the days get a bit cooler.


Varsity Jacket ($220) by Hilary MacMillan

Local talent Hilary MacMillan lets you spell it out with her take on this fall classic. In a combo of Melton wool and animal-friendly vegan leather, you can stay cozy, support local and stick it to the patriarchy all at once. Available online or at All About Eve on the Danforth.


Factory Earrings ($130) by Jenny Bird

Who’s happy that statement earrings are a thing right now? Big, bold and shiny, these Factory Earrings from Toronto’s Jenny Bird are an eye-catching and unique take on the classic hoop shape. In silver, gold or a mix of the two metals, they are different enough to elevate the most casual daytime look or add a bit of edge to a polished night out ensemble. Available at Zane, Pink Tartan, or online.


The Brooklyn Backpack ($119) by Poppy & Peonies

Definitely not just for students, backpacks let you go hands-free with style. Poppy & Peonies creator Natalie Dusome designed for plenty of big name brands in Manhattan before returning to Toronto to launch her own line, which is a great fusion of form and function. Like all her bags, The Brooklyn Backpack is made of soft, pebbled vegan leather (hello, easy to clean!) and features a ton of smart features for organization: a padded 13” compartment for tablet or laptop, two water bottle side pockets, front zippered pockets and a spacious interior. This and other great, functional bags are available online.


Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 ($215)

Go back to the future with this updated classic. For the 20th anniversary reboot, the iconic Nike Air Max 97 boasts ostentatious shine, sleek lines and futuristic designs, but the “Ultra” might just stand for ultra-comfortable. Lighter and yet still cushier than it’s nineties predecessor, it’s a treat to Instant street cred for any outfit, in several colourways for both men, women and kids ($175) Available online and at the Nike Store Toronto Eaton Centre.


Tuck Shop Trading Co. City of Neighborhoods Mélange Crewneck – Toronto ($91)

There are sweatshirts you love to wear because they feel good – and then there are sweatshirts you really love to wear because they feel great and you look great in them. The Toronto crewneck by City of Neighbourhoods really is an elevated specimen when it comes to this wardrobe staple – soft, high-quality fleece, a contemporary fit with set-in sleeves. And of course, proudly displays your local love (specific neighbourhood brands like Rosedale and Summerhill also available). This unisex classic is available from sizes XS to 2XL (ladies may want to get it a size down). Find it online or at the Tuck Shop Co. location on Yonge St.


Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Ashfield Watch ($235)

There’s something about having a nice watch that feels more luxurious than ever (thanks, smart phones), but you don’t necessarily have to deal with a luxury price tag to get one. Watch maker Daniel Wellington has Canadian roots but has become a bit of a global sensation of late (having Kendall Jenner in their ad campaigns certainly helps) for making sleek timepieces with classic good looks. Their just-released offering for women, the Classic Petite Ashfield, sports a black mesh stainless steel cuff that is super versatile from day to night, from casual to dressy. Available with either silver or rose gold accents at a very accessible price. They have plenty of great options for men as well (their original market). Available online, at Watch It!, select Hudson’s Bay stores and independent jewellers.

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