Our local green achievements


Councillor Valerie Burke has been helping make Markham more bird-friendly

April is Earth Month!

A great way to celebrate this month is by highlighting some of the City of Markham’s environmental accomplishments.

One of our great achievements this year, that I am so proud of, is council’s approval of bird-friendly guidelines. Every year millions of migratory birds are killed or injured when they collide with glass windows. Each spring and fall they are attracted by light pollution, become disoriented and often collide with windows.

The guidelines will assist planners, architects, designers, and builders regarding available treatments that can be used to reduce bird strikes on both new and existing buildings. Markham was the first municipality in the world to implement these measures on an existing building and has received recognition from Fatal Light Awareness Program Canada (FLAP).

In addition, council recently approved the conversion of traditional street lights to LED lighting units on most collector and arterial roads and many residential streets in the city. Elimination of up light that produces obtrusive sky glow from these lights meets the dark-sky-friendly requirements of the International Dark-Sky Association. Exposure to light at night also directly affects our health and sleep patterns.

The LED lights will not only improve visibility for pedestrians and motorists, they will also reduce light pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy costs, and their life span is typically 20 years.

As your Thornhill councillor, I am always available to answer your inquiries at 905-479-7747 or vburke@markham.ca.

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