Opa your heart to me

Wrestling princess and her handy hubby


The only ring former WWE superstar Trish Stratus is concerned with these days is the one on her finger.

How they met
We’ve actually known each other since our elementary school years. When we were both in the eighth grade, Ron, who had just moved to the area, ended up on the same school bus as me, and we eventually ended up in high school together. We were best friends for years until we “officially” became “boyfriend” and “girlfriend,” which was 17 years ago this August.

The first date
Our first date was at a restaurant called Strawberry Fields. We had attempted to go for a proper dinner date numerous times but things kept popping up, preventing it from happening. We finally ended up writing a contract stating the date and place that we would have our first official date and we both signed it. That was July 11, 1991. We have the contract to prove it.

The wedding
I retired from the world of professional wrestling Sept. 17, 2006, taking my final bow in front of a hometown crowd at the Air Canada Centre. I closed that chapter of my life, and two weeks later I began my new chapter, off the road, at home with my new husband. We got married at Ontario Place’s Atlantis on the auditorium stage. Guests were seated in theatre-style seating. We were perfectly lit as we walked down the aisle and settled onstage, very apropos actually. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a sushi bar, grilling station serving lamb chops and chicken souvlaki and a saganaki station (a Greek fried cheese appetizer) — OPA! We left the evening with a very full heart … and stomach!

Their lives now
In 2007, we put both of our passions to work and began building Stratusphere Yoga Studio. Ron took on his first commercial build (he deals mostly in residential and land development), and I attempted to get the word out on yoga, which had affected me greatly (after yoga had fully rehabilitated a career-threatening herniated disc injury I suffered in the ring). We have now been open for just over two years. Not to mention the yoga we do together — nothing bonds a couple like downward dogging together!

Secret success as a couple
I believe the secret of our success as a couple lies in the fact that we are best friends. We started our relationship with a strong foundation and we’ve been through so much together as a couple, literally growing up together.

Celebrating Trish’s Greek heritage
The Taste of the Danforth is one of our favourite weekends – of course, it involves food! We love sampling all the saganaki and tiropita we can find on the street, but we always end it with Gyros and Greek fries at our favourite Danforth spot Kalyvia.

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