Toronto's Best Burritos

Chef Jamie Kennedy Bites Into T.O's Tastiest Burritos


Big Fat Burrito, 285 Augusta Ave., Kensington Market

Big Fat Burrito is a Kensington Market institution. After careful consideration, top chef Jamie Kennedy (of Gilead fame) was swayed by BFB’s steak burrito’s impeccable balance of flavours: “It’s really juicy, really flavourful — this burrito is the complete story,” says Kennedy, who is set to open a new restaurant, Jamie Kennedy on the Falls. “It’s got a little bit of heat, and those classic cilantro-avocado-onion-barbecue flavours come through.”    
Price: $7.50


RUNNER UP - Burrito Bandidos, 362 Bloor St. W.

A “close second” to his top choice, Kennedy tells us he likes the “sweetness of the pork,” and how the flavourings help to “downplay the rice.”
Price: $6.15


La Mexicana, 838 Yonge St.

“I like the toastiness of the tortilla,” says Kennedy of La Mexicana’s chicken burrito. “And I’m definitely enjoying the smoky hot sauce.”
Price: two for $13


Burrito Boyz, 575 College St.

“This is really good,” says Kennedy, trying Burrito Boyz’s famed halibut burrito. “It’s a risky thing to do — but the fish is a good medium for the burrito.”                                                                                                                                   Price: $8.85


Taqueria, 20 York Mills Rd.

Kenney says this adobo chicken burrito is a “derivation” of the classic wrap. “It’s good. I like the heat and the creaminess of the avocado,” he says.
Price: $5.99


Chinos Locos, 459 Church St.

“I actually like the chicken in this,” says Kennedy, admitting he prefers other types of meat to poultry. “I think it’s been pulled — with a little chili. Nice textures.”
Price: $6.99


Tacos El Asador, 690 Bloor St. W.

Although Kennedy adores the tacos from this bustling Salvadoran shop, he says this chorizo burrito is “a little flat,” and “the sauce provides more of the same.”
Price: $5.40


Burro Burrito, 655 College St.

“This one looks good,” says Kennedy. “It’s a little lacking, compared to some of the others, but there are some nice fresh ingredients here.”
Price: $7.50


Barburrito, 230 Commerce Valley Dr. E.

Taking a hearty bite of this chicken burrito, Kennedy says: “I’ll just say it doesn’t compare favourably.”
Price: $7.35

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