Jeanne Beker’s top timepieces



GUCCI $675

“It goes way beyond the watch function,” says Beker, selecting this Gucci watch as her favourite. “It’s a piece of jewellery. I absolutely love the styling of it.”

Where to get it: Moshe, Promenade Mall.



BEDAT $8,400

“This is really classic,” says Beker, admiring Classic Creations’ Art Deco–inspired Bedat timepiece. “For women of all ages: it’s timeless — beautiful.”

Where to get it: Classic Creations, 5799 Yonge St.




“Oh, this is so red-hot!” says Beker, who picks up a rose- coloured gold watch from Michael Kors. “It’s got that classic Rolex styling — you could wear it every day.”

Where to get it: Watch It! 317 Yonge St.



LA MER $175

“These are also hot,” says Beker of this La Mer wrap- around watch. “It’s almost a bracelet! A wonderfully chic gift for a younger woman.”

Where to get it: Dew, 1553 Bayview Ave.



TIFFANY & CO. $5,650

“Now this one is small, sweet, seductive,” says Beker of this Tiffany timepiece. “Anything that comes in a Tiffany box just shrieks of luxury.”

Where to get it: Tiffany and Co., 85 Bloor St. W.




“Here’s a very fashion-forward watch,” says Beker, eyeing this bold, red Victorinox piece. “This one really means business — a great sporty look.”

Where to get it: Marex, 3401 Dufferin St.

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