Student starts ‘food fight’ for a cause

Friendly competition raises 20,000 pounds in donations

In the four years since she started her food drive, 10-year-old Sarah Jordan has inspired her classmates and community to donate their time toward the worthy cause. After learning that some families don’t have enough food to eat, the local youngster started going door to door with her mother and sister to hand out flyers encouraging her neighbours to donate to the Daily Bread Food Bank. In their first year, they collected more than 200 pounds of food.

This year, after creating a friendly competition between her school, Northlea Elementary and Middle School, and two other neighbourhood schools, Sarah and other volunteers were able to raise more than 20,000 pounds for the food drive.

“I think it’s really cool because my goal was only 12,000 pounds of food,” says Sarah. “Every time I set a goal, I raise more. It’s pretty amazing.”

The Grade 5 student plans to involve more schools and build more awareness for next year’s food drive.

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