Take stock of these stuffers


The holidays are a time for feasting, but how healthy is our favourite seasonal fare? Lab results reveal that when it comes to latkes and tourtière, we should seize on another theme of the holidays: sharing with friends and family.


Free Times Cafe: Latkes

       Nutrition Facts
    • Serving size: 8 latkes (473.5 g)
    • Calories 1,302
    • Total Fat 83.8 g (129% Daily Value*)
    • Sodium 1,297 mg (54% Daily Value*)
    • Carbohydrates 112.2 g (37% Daily Value*)
    Protein 25.1 g

Free Times Cafe is known for its homemade Jewish fare and its Sunday brunch buffet complete with live klezmer music. A large serving of its legendary latkes, served with apple sauce and sour cream, is high in fat. Good for sharing or a once-a-week treat.


Bannock: St-Canut pork & belly tourtière

      Nutrition Facts
    • Serving size: 1 pie (558.5 g)
    Calories 1,514
    • Total Fat 107.2 g (165% Daily Value*)
    • Sodium 1,458 mg (61% Daily Value*)
    • Carbohydrates 81.5 g (27% Daily Value*)
    • Protein 55.3 g

Part of the Oliver & Bonacini group of restaurants, Bannock specializes in Canadian comfort foods. Given the generous size of its St-Canut pork & belly tourtière — and fat content more than 1.5 times the daily recommended value — this dish seems to be one best divided between two.

TEST PARAMETERS: Results relate only to the items tested. A standard margin of error applies for each item. *DAILY VALUE PERCENTAGES: Health Canada uses a 2,000-calorie diet as the benchmark for nutritional labelling, and so did we. Subsequent values for total fat and carbohydrates are derived as a percentage of that diet.

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