Too Close To Call: Toy soldiers



With kids counting down the days to Chanukah and Christmas this month, what better time is there to explore Toronto’s oldest one-of-a-kind toy shops? Herein, Toytown takes on Treasure Island Toys.



Treasure Island Toys

Shari Bricks, 1952. Owner(s) & year opened:
Katie MacKinnon and Lori Parker, 1988.
We have a Brio train table at the back. What display captivates
the kids?
A ship in the middle of the store.
Fisher-Price View-Master. What’s one of the rarest toys you carry? Moulin Roty [French line of rag dolls].
Twister Dance. What’s hot for the holidays? Furbies are back.
The Game of Life. Favourite childhood toy: Barbie.
All year round we donate to all of the local schools and charities. Make any donations during the holidays? We do the CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish; we do a gift-wrapping donation program for SickKids.

Eric Lindros, James Spader,
Peter Mansbridge.
Celeb customers: Gord Downie, Jim Cuddy,
Barbara Reid.

How often do toy tantrums work? It usually works.
We don’t play seasonal music, so it’s always too early. How soon is too soon to play hoilday tunes? The day after Halloween.
Toytown, 1754 Avenue Rd.   Treasure Island Toys, 581 Danforth Ave.


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