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T.O.'s most inspiring women of 2017: Jen Agg

When it comes to making a difference in our city, Jen Agg did the work. She’s not a dilettante — she built her restaurants, she wrote her book, she told hard truths and stomped on everyone’s toes and told them to wake up. She gave voice to the frustrations that a lot of people were feeling. She was clear from the start that she wasn’t going to play nice with bro culture.
December 06, 2017

T.O.'s most inspiring women of 2017: Rachel Parent

Rachel Parent has been an incredible force in spreading awareness about genetically modified ingredients, not just in Canada but around the world. Not a lot of kids — or adults for that matter — are driven to start a non-profit organization, but she founded KidsRightToKnow when she was just a young teen, and has been tirelessly campaigning to have GMOs labelled in Canada ever since.
December 06, 2017

T.O.'s most inspiring women of 2017: Kadeisha Buchanan

On the field, Kadeisha Buchanan [player on the national women’s soccer team] is definitely a trailblazer right now for the sport across Canada. She has been shortlisted as a finalist for the FIFA Ballon d’Or, was named the Best Young Player in the 2015 Women’s World Cup and won the UEFA Women’s Champions League this year with her team in Europe.
December 06, 2017

T.O.'s most inspiring women of 2017: Dr. Danielle Martin

At Women’s College Hospital, we are driven by a deep commitment to closing the health gaps that exist within our health system. Dr. Danielle Martin has been integral to that work. Her passion for justice and equity in health care is infectious.
December 06, 2017

T.O.'s most inspiring women of 2017: Lido Pimienta

If you haven’t heard Colombian-Canadian Lido Pimienta’s music (she won the 2017 Polaris Music Prize for her incredible breakout album La Papessa), you may have seen some of the vitriol over how she operates from the stage, bringing brown folk to the front and blasting that message from the mic like a boss.
December 06, 2017

T.O.'s most inspiring women of 2017: Aisha Ahmad

When it comes to inspiration, Aisha Ahmad packs a punch. I have followed her career for over a decade, and she never ceases to amaze me. She is a rising star professor at the University of Toronto, an expert in her field and an avid boxer with elite training, who is also a force of nature who has a transformational impact on those who cross her path.
December 06, 2017

T.O.'s most inspiring women of 2017: Michele Romanow

Around the den, we like to say that entrepreneurship collided with perpetual motion and created a force called Michele Romanow. She exploded into the den not even 30 years old but already a seasoned entrepreneur. She launched her first business as a Queen’s engineering undergrad and never looked back. In 2015, Groupon came calling and snapped up Snapsaves, her coupon redemption app.
December 05, 2017

T.O.'s most inspiring women of 2017: Lilly Singh

As proof, their detractors point to the phenomenon of the YouTube star — a new breed of celebrity who rise to fame by broadcasting their lives across the Internet. It’s like a giant shout of “Hey everybody, look at me!” The pinnacle of narcissism. Then you run into someone like Lilly Singh, and the stereotype comes tumbling down.
December 05, 2017

T.O.'s most inspiring women of 2017: Sandy Hudson

Of the many reasons I admire [Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder] Sandy Hudson, the precision of her work stands out — Hudson doesn’t play. I have repeatedly witnessed her stand up to those who attack her advocacy, not by returning fire, but by asking more genuine and relevant questions than her interrogators.
December 05, 2017

T.O.'s most inspiring women of 2017: Marie Henein

Marie Henein enjoys the collective admiration of our community not only because she is one of Canada’s most skilled and respected lawyers, but because she is at the vanguard in promoting a deeper appreciation and recognition of the fundamental principles of criminal justice. She is a zealous defender, not only of those accused of criminal offences, but of the pivotal role of the criminal lawyer.
December 05, 2017

T.O.'s most inspiring women of 2017: Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is fiercely intelligent. She is gracious, humble and irritatingly elegant. She also has quite a mischievous sense of humour. But the thing I admire most — the one characteristic that I desperately try to nurture in myself — is how forthright she is.
December 05, 2017

T.O.'s most inspiring women of 2017: Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is now one of the most photographed and most googled women in the world. Markle may be most famous for dating a prince, but she has also made a name for herself in her own right, thanks to her acting ability, her big smile, big heart and philanthropic work.
December 05, 2017

Best new restaurateur in America is Torontonian Janet Zuccarini

Janet Zuccarini has made plenty of waves around T.O. thanks to her knack for stellar restaurants. Since opening Yorkville’s Trattoria Nervosa back in ’96, she’s added Gusto 101, Pai, Kiin and, most recently, Chubby’s to her Rolodex of restos.
December 05, 2017

Daily Planet: Ontario’s caribou are in big trouble

Why should we care about caribou? Beyond the fact that we should care about all animals that play important roles in the ecological makeup of this “super natural” country, caribou are indicators of forest health. When caribou are healthy, it’s a sign the forests they live in are healthy.
December 04, 2017

Andy Kim and three other hip holiday musical happenings

Thirteen years ago, Toronto musician Andy Kim decided to put on a little holiday show so he wouldn’t feel so down over Christmas. It’s turned into one of the city’s favourite mistletoe-trimmed events.
December 01, 2017

Festive finds aplenty at Bedford Park shop

Tucked away off Yonge Street just north of Lawrence Avenue is a little shop teeming with trees of all shapes and sizes. Inside, with his trademark Christmas sweaters and a grin from ear to ear, the man known only as Mr. Bill has sold these festive finds, including boxwood and magnolia wreaths and planters, since 1979.
December 01, 2017

Holiday party dress duel: Gold & silver vs. metallic pink

Come the holiday season, everyone wants to shimmer and shine. This month, Jeanne shops two areas, dishing out two looks that will have all eyes on you.
December 01, 2017

A two-person race for T.O. mayor?

Councillor Joe Cressy is the kind of person this city needs as mayor. He’s young, progressive, politically skilled in getting things done and has an appealing manner. He works well with political opponents yet remains clear about issues. But he has no intention of running for mayor next fall.
December 01, 2017

Dream Homes: Rosedale retreat takes on a Forest Hill find

Rosedale and Forest Hill have long reigned as two of the most desirable and expensive neighbourhoods in the city. Convenient, gorgeous, fine schools, safe: you name it, these enclaves have it. Trying to get in under $3 million is a challenge, but here are two of the lowest-priced homes in the city’s priciest ’hoods.
November 27, 2017

Who wore it better? Black leather skirt edition

Whether you’re an uptown lady or a downtown gal, a black leather skirt is a wardrobe staple. This month Jeanne shops two ’hoods and puts together two smashing looks.
November 23, 2017