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Richmond Hill

The Comedy Issue: Italia Ricci

Life does not always go according to plan — and Italia Ricci probably knows that better than most. The up-and-coming actress and native of Richmond Hill says she never pegged herself as the funny one, but as it so happens, she got her first break with a role in American Pie Presents Beta House (a spinoff of the popular teen comedy series). And, as most teen comedy romps do, Ricci’s story starts with a party.
April 10, 2013

Will removal of Thornhill wards cost area clout?

Markham City Council has adopted a new bylaw that will merge Thornhill’s two smallest municipal wards into one ahead of the October 2014 municipal election, resulting in less local representation.
April 02, 2013

Proposed towers could dwarf nearby homes

A local association has raised concerns over three proposed developments, ranging in height from three to 24 storeys, that potentially could dwarf neighbouring homes located at Westwood Lane and Yonge Street.
April 02, 2013

New law targets town’s tow trucks

“Zero tolerance!” he demands. “Any convictions and they lose their licence.” The man at the podium is a resident speaking to councillors about licensing tow truck drivers in Richmond Hill.
April 02, 2013

Nine-year-old Thornhill boy creates video game for charity

A nine-year-old student of Crosby Heights Public School has raised more than $2,000 for Youth Without Shelter by selling a computer game he created. A nine-year-old student of Crosby Heights Public School has raised more than $2,000 for Youth Without Shelter by selling a computer game he created.
April 02, 2013

Neighbours unite to bring runaway home

When a Thornhill boy disappeared from a youth home early last month, little did his family know how quickly their community would come together to help look for him and safely bring him back.
April 02, 2013

New local library designs delayed

April 02, 2013

Good governance starts with you

When citizens vote for an elected official, they hope to elect a person that represents their interests.
April 02, 2013

Boy helped raise $220K

Charity funds kids’ medicine
March 26, 2013

Sewell: sure, a casino in Toronto could create jobs, but at what cost?

That a disaster is good for a local economy sounds counterintuitive, but an example shows how it works. When a section of Finch Avenue West was washed away by a flash flood in 2005, the city had to immediately rush in to bring the situation under control.
March 04, 2013

Rise and shine: Dina Pugliese on celeb gossip, Justin Bieber and being a morning person

When it comes to interviewing morning television hosts, there’s an unwritten rule in journalism. It goes like this: the writer asks the star how they manage to be so lively at 6 a.m., the star claims not to be a morning person, and jokes about caffeine addiction ensue.
February 17, 2013

Sewell: ranting is fine for the radio, it’s but no way to govern a city

Those public hearings the city held about casinos? I didn’t attend. The chance of learning anything new about casinos was limited. The chance of the meeting being hijacked by one faction or another was high. The chance of influencing any politician was nil. Why spend a few hours getting frustrated?
February 09, 2013

Potential mega-development in midtown

Though Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) bus garage at 24 Eglinton Ave. W. is no longer operating and was set to be declared surplus in late 2012, the decision was deferred by TTC chair and Toronto city councillor Karen Stintz — and it may continue to be deferred for quite some time.
January 31, 2013

Faceoff: Weir vs. Aw

Should junk food bear warning labels as the Ontario Medical Association urges?
January 23, 2013

Acclaimed Toronto stage performer stars in new musical

Louise Pitre digs the therapeutic value that darker roles offer
January 23, 2013

Radio sweethearts share a love of tunes and travel

Beloved music critic Alan Cross met news anchor Mary Ellen Beninger in the radio booth
January 23, 2013

T.O.’s best Peking duck

We rounded up the GTA’s options for a Peking duck feast and asked Bar Isabel chef, Grant van Gameren to tell us which duck is most delicious
January 23, 2013

Tea leaves reveal my daughter will marry rich

And if I want to find parking at Yorkdale, I have to talk to the angels
January 16, 2013

Power to the people

Mega-quarry protests save local farmland
January 16, 2013

Learn to make Susur Lee’s edible, architectural masterpiece

Top Toronto chef shares recipe for his trademark Southeast Asian–inspired dish
January 16, 2013