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North York

Mid-rise revolution hits Avenue Road

Plus, local culinary landmark to relocate from site in early 2015.
February 03, 2014

Do townhouses belong on Bayview?

Failure of Alexandria development has neighbourhood guessing.
February 03, 2014

44,000 sq. foot outdoor store closer to approval

Sheppard area residents express concerns over traffic.
February 03, 2014

Residents have had enough of Yonge & 401 traffic delays

For many years, residents in the area of Yonge Street and Highway 401 have been hoping for a way to ease congestion coming on and off of the highway.
February 03, 2014

Developers pushing the envelope

The excessive amount of development allowed by the city’s planning rules is already jamming our roads, crowding our subways and straining the capacity of our schools. That should be bad enough!
February 03, 2014

Protecting North Toronto’s parks

At the beginning of February, a new committee will begin its work at city hall that will be of particular interest to Ward 16 residents.
February 03, 2014

Fighting to save Yonge and Sheppard theatre

After a failed attempt to sell, arts centre considers other options.
January 07, 2014

Protecting Toronto’s heritage

The story of our city is often told through our buildings. Design, function and form reveal the trends of an era and the priorities of its citizens, architects and city planners. Preserving this heritage strengthens our community ties, provides a point of interest for our neighbourhoods and improves our property values.
January 07, 2014

Developers to give Downsview a makeover

Residents express anxiety over potential loss of parkland.
January 07, 2014

York Mills development rejected

Liberty Development Corporation’s plans to expand their plaza at York Mills Road and Leslie Street were officially shot down by Toronto City Council Dec. 16 after a long battle.
January 07, 2014

Line 9 decision expected this year

A final decision is expected on the controversial proposal to reverse the flow and increase the capacity of a 639-kilometre stretch of Enbridge’s Line 9 this year. If approved, the reversal would allow Enbridge to pump diluted bitumen from the Alberta tarsands to the east.
January 07, 2014

Grocery goodness

Investment banker helps families get ahead of their bills.
January 07, 2014

North York comes together

Toronto is known around the world for its cultural expression. But our strength lies not simply in our diversity, but in the degree to which communities work together to build our city.
January 07, 2014

Retail Therapy: Lost & Found

Part menswear store and part coffee shop, Lost & Found may seem like a retail experience at first glance, but it’s a little more than that.
January 03, 2014

Soulpepper’s head honcho Albert Schultz is ready to go to war

For Soulpepper’s 17th season, founding member and artistic director Albert Schultz is scheduled to reprise his role in The Norman Conquests trilogy and to direct four shows. Busy, sure, but variety is the spice of this impresario’s theatrical life at the helm of one of the country’s most successful theatre companies.
January 03, 2014

For comics, Rob Ford is the gift that keeps on giving

But political humour is more than just cheap gags: it can influence an election.
January 01, 2014

Never bin better: Cool shipping container outdoor market inspires others to jump on trend

Innovative use of shipping containers has been a hot trend globally for years, in progressive locales from Copenhagen to Paris, but it took Toronto’s Scadding Court Community Centre to get the ball rolling in the city. Now, with the growing popularity of pop-up shops as well as local and sustainable goods and services, the bin trend seems poised to take off.
December 30, 2013

Zen and the art of Keanu Reeves

Local legend talks about his childhood obsession with hockey, his action-packed new flick, and how he gets by with help from his motorcycle and a little red wine.
December 25, 2013

Lessons from Haiyan: Poll shows Canadians want climate action

As people in the Philippines struggle with the devastation and death from the worst storm to hit land in recorded history (typhoon Haiyan), world leaders met in Warsaw, Poland, to discuss the climate crisis.
December 20, 2013

Heroes, heartache and the beauty of hockey

Toronto writer Dave Bidini’s latest work explores his childhood idol Dave Keon.
December 17, 2013