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Earth Day: Five ways our changing planet is affecting us here in Toronto

Climate change is not something that might or could happen. It’s something we’re seeing already — around the world and here in Toronto.
April 21, 2016

Comic Stripped: T.O. comedian Tim Steeves and the return of the comedy album

But over the last five years, there’s been a resurgence of the comedy albums, thanks mostly to the Internet. The albums are mostly digital, but it now seems every comic has a 60-minute audio set for purchase and download.
April 21, 2016

Parent Hacks: 7 ways to get your kids to go green for Earth Day

Although Earth Day is officially April 22, as parents we can take the opportunity any day of the year to reinforce the importance of taking care of the planet with our kids. The “reduce, reuse recycle” message can be easier to overlook when we’re caught up in our busy day-to-day lives. Here are some fun — and slightly less fun — ways to embrace the earth.
April 20, 2016

Q&A: Kaelen Haworth, the GTA-born designer who’s taking New York by storm

Kaelen Haworth launched her first collection one year after graduating from Parsons School of Design and showed it at New York Fashion Week that same year. Six years and many runways later at NYFW, the GTA native dishes on her minimalist collection and why Canadian fashion is fearless.
April 20, 2016

Restaurant Review: Queen West’s Rickshaw Bar looks low key, but the food is dazzling

What does it mean when someone pursues a career against their parents’ expressed wishes? And sticks with it? It means you’re a person of enormous grit and passion. This is chef Noureen Feerasta and Rickshaw Bar is her dream come true. She is not about to screw this up, which is why the lovely little bistro receives 110 per cent of her passion.
April 20, 2016

Taste Test: Zane Caplansky picks Toronto’s best veggie burgers ahead of Earth Day

We invited the don of delis, chef Zane Caplansky, to try 10 of the city’s top veggie burgers for Earth Day and suss out which savoury meat alternative satisfies this legendary carnivore’s tastebuds. Which patty gets the gold?
April 19, 2016

The Property Brothers: Get ready for Earth Day with these tips for an eco-friendly home

April 18, 2016

How They Met: Good Witch star Dan Jeannotte and Heidi Hawkins met while playing in Shakespeare’s As You Like It

Dan Jeannotte, from CW’s Reign, the Assassin’s Creed video games and W Network’s Good Witch (returning for season two this April) fell in love with his wife, voice actor Heidi Hawkins, in the most predictable way — onstage playing strangers who fall in love.
April 15, 2016

Looking back at the city’s groundbreaking vinyl music emporiums to celebrate Record Store Day

People, albeit hipster people, starting buying records again and turntables. All of a sudden, records are a thing, and since 2007, every April they even have their own Record Store Day.
April 15, 2016

Retail Therapy: Second Voyage opens on Queen East

Kyle Burton decided to take a leap of faith and open a vintage home decor shop on Queen East
April 14, 2016

My first album: We asked 10 new Canadian artists about the first records they ever bought

We asked 10 new Canadian artists about the first records they ever bought
April 14, 2016

Real Estate Roundtable 2016: Five tips for buying a condo in Toronto

Toronto real-estate mogul Brad Lamb on the dos and don'ts of buying a condo
April 13, 2016

2016 Real Estate Roundtable: Does Toronto’s red-hot market still have room to run?

Here’s what the GTA’s top real estate experts have to say about the city’s dramatic housing market
April 11, 2016

Shop Crawl: Quaint and quirky shops in the Annex

Trot down Bloor from Spadina to Bathurst and find some of T.O.’s best boutiques in the Annex at Risque, Theodore, and Secrets from Your Sister.
April 08, 2016

Slate Asset Management commences revitalization plan after acquiring all four corners of Yonge and St. Clair

Slate Asset Management L.P., a Toronto-based real estate company, has big plans to revitalize the Yonge Street and St. Clair Avenue intersection. Earlier this year, the firm acquired 1 St. Clair Ave. E., the latest piece of an office-tower portfolio that gives the firm ownership of all four corners of the intersection in Deer Park.
April 07, 2016

Toronto restaurateurs are furiously reworking their compensation system, some doing away with tips

In Toronto, the restaurateur getting the most ink for his new approach is Hemant Bhagwani of midtown’s Indian Street Food Co. In November 2015, Bhagwani began charging a 12 per cent administration fee, which he divides among his staff along with 10 per cent of ISFC’s revenue. Bhagwani says his front-­of­-house staff (servers, bartenders) makes $25 to $30 an hour with the new system, and his back-of-house staff (dishwashers, cooks) makes $21 to $25.
April 07, 2016

Food Crawl: Pre-Passover carb-loading at Bathurst and Lawrence

To get set for this holiday from bread, we’ve put together a tour of one of T.O.’s most established Jewish neighbourhoods.
April 06, 2016

Q&A: Jennifer Keesmaat, the Toronto bureaucrat who’s finally thinking outside of the box

We caught up with Toronto’s chief city planner, Jennifer Keesmat, to talk about housing, transit and winter cycling.
April 06, 2016

With T.O. landing on Huffington Post’s list of best street art cities, here’s midtown in photos

Toronto just nabbed the number two spot on Huffington Post’s list of cities with amazing graffiti. We sent our photographer out to capture some of midtown Toronto’s most eye-catching street art.
April 05, 2016

Three T.O. trophy homes hit the market

In the market for a mega-mansion? Three prized estates with listing prices north of $8 million are on the market.
April 04, 2016