Rinkside romance

How Elvis Stojko fell head-over-toe-picks for skater Gladys Orozco


Elvis Stojko, the GTA’s very own quadruple-toe-triple-toe-loop-landing figure skating champion, found love at a skating competition in Monterrey, Mexico. Elvis shares his story:

How they met

Gladys and I met at a skating competition in Monterrey, Mexico, in June 2009. We saw each other as soon as Gladys entered the arena and we connected right away. As I was busy looking after a few students, when I had time I looked for her in the arena ... but she found me instead, and we started to chat. Ten minutes later I asked her out for dinner.

The first date

It was the next day, and since I had a day off, we spent the day together sightseeing. Gladys is from Monterrey, so she took me around the city.

What happened?

We took a small shuttle boat down the canal, which runs through part of the city. We knew then even we had a connection.... But Gladys was still testing me in a way , so she got her girlfriends together, and we went out that night to a few different dance clubs. She wanted to see how I would be around her friends. I danced with everyone, but my eyes were on her for the whole night.

I wanted to spend more time with her, but she was leaving in two weeks to go on another skating tour.... Plus I was leaving to go home in two days. I knew we needed to figure out what was going on between us, so I invited her to my place in Guadalajara for a three-day weekend. She accepted.

The courtship

The only problem was, for the next few months, we talked on Skype because she was working. This was really tough since at the beginning we were bonding, and it makes it hard when you can’t be around that person.

The first time we skated on the ice together, Gladys still saw the “Elvis Stojko” that people have seen on TV. It was during our three-day weekend. But after that day she was relaxed, and we enjoy skating together.

The proposal

We had planned a week away in Vegas before a skating tour. The first weekend ended up on our one year anniversary of being together, which was a Sunday. I knew we were leaving on the Friday and figured this would be the best time to get married.

The rest of the year was really busy for us, and we both knew we wanted a private wedding, so I did some research on the Little Church of the West.

It was Wednesday night, and she was half asleep when I asked her very nonchalantly if I could ask her a question, and so I asked.... Well, she was not sleepy anymore! She was pretty excited as I told her what I had planned, and she did not hesitate at all. We got the wedding bands the next day along with her dress. One day to prepare, and then we left for Vegas on the Friday.

The wedding

We were both excited, but not nervous at all. The minister, the photographer and the woman playing the organ were the only other people in the room. I stood by the minister as the music played, and Gladys walked down the aisle.... My heart was pounding, and I knew this was what we wanted from the very first time we met.

As we exchanged vows, Gladys started to tearup, and I knew if I did she would not be able to contain herself, so I stayed composed.

After the ceremony the photographer took some photos, and during that time we had a chance to let everything soak in. Next, we headed to the Las Vegas sign and had some shots taken there as well, with the Elvis impersonator and his pink Caddy! Lots of fun!

Their lives today

Since we met, we knew we were meant to be together. It was very easy. Gladys moved in with me within six months from the first time we met, and to be honest, I don’t remember what it was like without her. We are best friends, and we understand each other. Since we both are skaters, we understand a skater’s way of thinking and what is involved in our careers. This makes things much simpler in regard to going through difficult times. When you say “I understand,” the other person trusts those words without a doubt.

We love spending time together, but we do have time to ourselves to do our own thing. You need that personal time as well. It’s very important.


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