Nacho, nacho man

Rookie sensation Travis Snider of the Toronto Blue Jays steps up to the plate(s) to taste-test the GTA’s best major league nachos



CAM’S PLACE, 2655 Yonge St., 416-488-3976
“I’m a big meat and cheese guy,” explains Snider, after devouring a gooey chipful. So this concoction from Cam’s Place, with its ample portions of succulent beef and shredded Monterey Jack, is easily Snider’s top pick. He finds the lip-licking, garlicky flavour “good…mmm…really good”; the peppers spicy, but not fiery; and the chips light and crisp. The colourful presentation impresses, too: “Nice garnishing,” he says. In all, a sure bet for a post-game snack. Price: $11


Rose & Crown
, 2335 Yonge St.
“I’m a pretty messy eater, so I try to keep my hands clean if I can,” says Snider. “Otherwise it’ll end up on my shirt.” This tidy plate’s jalapenos, toasted chips and fresh veggies are a big hit. Price: $9.95


Madison Avenue Pub
, 14 Madison Ave.
The coloured chips are a new and welcome addition; the fresh, lively salsa earns high marks; and jalapenos are a plus, but overall the dish is just average. Olives aren’t his fave, either. Price: $12.99


Bishop and the Belcher
, 175 Bloor St. E.
Beef and chicken — don’t they clash? “Meats don’t clash,” states Snider. Still, double protein and A-plus cheesiness can’t make up for the presence of mushrooms (not a fan). Price: $10.95


Britannia Pub & Grill
, 7359 Yonge St.
You’ve heard of a chilli dog, right? These nachos are along the same lines. Along with fresh tomato, onions, jalapenos and cheese, the plate also comes with a sizable dollop of chilli. Price: $9.25

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