Leafs’ tough guy shows his sweet side

Beloved former Leafs captain and prized pugilist Wendel Clark takes on T.O.’s top chocolate cake




It’s no secret that Wendel Clark is a guy’s guy. His restaurants serve “guy food” — ribs, wings, steaks, “stuff like that,” he says. But plunk his burly frame down in front of the best chocolate cakes in the city and watch his face light up like a kid’s at a birthday party. Dufflet’s decadent slice wins top billing for sticking to the basics — no frou-frou flourishes here.

“This one seems most like chocolate cake to me. The perfect density, not too much icing in the middle so you still have a lot of cake flavour. And it’s a strong icing on top,” he says. Just don’t go hiding his fork. Price: $25 for full cake, 2638 Yonge St., 416-484-9080

Click here to watch Wendel pick his favourite cake


Phipps, 420 Eglinton Ave. W.
Despite being one of the toughest enforcers to ever play the game, Clark finds himself overmatched with this slice. “That’s chocolate chocolate. It’s the densest of the chocolate cakes,” he says. Too rich and dense for him, but a worthy runner-up. Price: $29.99 for full cake


McEwan, 38 Karl Fraser Rd.
Clark approves of this chocolate raspberry cake from McEwan. “It’s more cake versus a mousse,” he says. “There’s more density to it.” But in the end, the “very, very mild” chocolate flavour draws a penalty, something with which he’s more than a little familiar. Price: $29 for full cake


Amadeus, 7380 Bathurst St.

“This one’s probably a dessert at a fancier restaurant,” says Clark of this chocolate mousse cake from Amadeus. “The appearance is fine but it doesn’t have the presentation the others do.” A nice after-dinner treat, but not his first choice. Price: $26.50 for full cake


3437 Bathurst St.

Beneath his tough exterior, Clark’s a sweet guy, but even he has his limits. “Too sugary. It’s different than I thought it would taste. It actually tastes more sugary than chocolatey to me, if that makes sense.” Too sweet, not enough substance knocks it to fifth. Price: $21 for full cake

For more information on Wendel's restaurants visit wendelclarks.com or entertainmentcentralinc.com

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