Too close to call: Glam lanes or old school alleys?



Filthy shoes, polyester shirts and greasy food — is that all we can expect from a bowling alley?

Bowling fun, minus the ick factor, can be had whether you like the old school charm of Sandy Sloan’s Danforth Bowl (1554 Danforth Ave.) or the new cool ways of Thanos Tripi’s the Ballroom (145 John St.).

So spare us the excuses and get ready to have a ball.





Thanos Tripi, co-owner, the Ballroom, opened in 2010. Name and year opened:
Sandy Sloan, owner, Danforth Bowl, open since around 1930.
Starts from $17.50 per half hour. We have 10, 10-pin lanes. Lanes:
Thirty dollars per hour for six people in a lane, snacks included. We have six five-pin lanes.
State-of-the-art Brunswick system. Scoring method:
Pen and paper. Not everybody wants their scores in neon lights.
 Stuart Townsend, Susan Sarandon, Tom Berenger and others. Celeb sightings:
Mel Lastman, when he was the mayor; Darryl Sittler; and some local MPPs.
Chef Tawfik Shehata’s comfort food menu features locally sourced ingredients, and 16 beers on tap. Cuisine:
We have a hot and cold buffet and basic stuff, but we can customize anything for you, and just about every major brand of beer in bottles.
They’re cleaned after each use with a deodorizing special spray and wiped out with a cloth. How clean are the shoes?:
We use a water and vinegar solution to clean them, no chemicals. Shoes are replaced every two years. Shoes start at toddler’s size six.
The Tragically Hip. If the alley were a musician . . .
 Neil Young.
Over 60 HD screens, seven projection screens, pool tables, ping-pong tables, foosball tables, a stage for live bands and shuffleboard. What else is there to do there?:
We have a small plasma screen. Really, we are focused social club. I don’t have things like pinball machines.


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