Crosstown construction hits Eglinton and Allen


Construction for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT is officially underway at Eglinton Avenue West and Allen Road, and local business owners are bracing for the hard times ahead.

With only one westbound lane providing access to the Allen, exiting or entering the road is taking much longer than usual.

Nick Alampi, head of the York-Eglinton BIA said that the traffic is “scaring off customers,” many of whom are frustrated with traffic coming off the Allen.

Transit commuters are also affected, as bus stops are being moved to accommodate the construction.

Metrolinx spokesperson Jamie Robinson said the company is doing everything it can to alleviate the pain of construction but said it is a challenge because the area was “already congested to begin with.”

Alampi, however, said that Metrolinx and the individual companies it contracts out work to  have not done enough to communicate with local businesses.

“Our businesses are irate that Metrolinx keeps passing off (construction) to private companies,” he said.

“We can’t get compensation from the city, and they can’t be held accountable the same way.” Alampi said the BIA wants basic concessions from Metrolinx, such as more parking and more accessability to snow and garbage removal.

“We’re excited about the development,” he said.

“We’re not complaining, but we are concerned.”

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