Davisville Village merchants band together


Diana Sederis wants to turn Yonge south of Eglinton into a foodie destination.

Midtown might be getting a new BIA. Yonge Street from Soudan Avenue to just south of Merton Street, home to businesses such as The Art Shoppe, Grano and Coquine, will soon be applying to the City of Toronto to become a business improvement area.

Only 15 years ago, Yonge Street south of Eglinton Avenue was considered a dead stretch. Over the years, however, it has evolved into a neighbourhood in its own right. A new infusion of shops, restaurants and cafés has enlivened the street, and local business owner Diana Sederis believes that the area has the potential to turn into a destination for  foodies.

“A BIA connects the community,” Sederis said. “Being part of one would allow us to hold street festivals, maybe improve the streetscape with flowers and benches.”

Sederis said she had thought about forming a BIA in Davisville Village two years ago, but at the time, the idea didn’t garner much interest. She was inspired to try again after she opened a second Tabülè location on Queen Street East and joined the Leslieville BIA, which gave her the personal experience she needed to promote the idea once more.

This time the idea was met with much more enthusiasm, and between 35 and 40 people said they were interested in joining a BIA. She called Ward 22 councillor Josh Matlow to inquire about next steps.

“Being part of a BIA means that you are part of a political entity that can finance and organize significant business improvements in your area,” said Matlow.

Sederis said that the group has a meeting at city hall next month, and they hope the BIA is officially created in the next year. She looks forward to tackling such neighbourhood issues as a lack of parking and streetscaping.

“All the neighbourhoods that people love in Toronto have BIAs,” Sederis said. “And we have so many great businesses in our neighbourhood now that we deserve one, too.”

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