Creating a better Vaughan for the future

New City Hall, parks, roads on the way


IN THE TIME leading up to the end of a term of office there is sometimes a chance to rest on one’s laurels. In Vaughan, we don’t have any time to rest — we have so many projects to grapple with in the next 13 months before the next election.

The projects vary from huge ones involving different levels of government, such as the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre subway that will be routed from Downsview station through York University to what we are planning to be a new downtown for our city. And of course — finally! — we are building our own hospital at Major Mackenzie Drive and Highway 400.

On a smaller scale, soon you will see the benefits of our successful application for infrastructure funds as roads and more are renewed.

Next spring we will open our new LEED gold certified City Hall and civic centre. It’s a huge achievement that reflects our commitment to the environment and improving the administration’s efficiency.

Our planning projects that will guide us into the future are well on their way to completion. These projects are led by our new official plan. Take a look at the Vaughan website to see the exciting vision being developed.

It’s important to note the more ordinary tasks that we have before us. We opened 10 new parks in the city in 2008, and we will continue to make Vaughan a place people will want to live because of our green spaces and recreational opportunities. We’re moving ahead on projects to expand our park, trail and community centre systems.

And while we are working hard to support our growing municipal needs, we are managing tax dollars responsibly. Our value for tax dollars cannot be beaten by any other municipality. Vaughan has the lowest property rate in the GTA.

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