Ring theft leads to romance

CBC personality finds love after sly trick


How they met

We first met in a restaurant bar by sheer fluke.

I was coming off a breakup, and my friends were trying to get me out again. Tammy was sitting with a good friend, and she too was coming off a breakup.

My friend urged me to talk to her, and I did, managing to get her phone number. We made a date. But then I had a medical emergency and had to cancel the date at the last minute.

Tammy was working on a feature film at the time, and thought, ‘This guy is not serious.’ So she threw out my number.

In any case, when the medical issue cleared up, I called her, and she simply refused to go out with me.

I phoned her for a month, and we ended up having all sorts of conversations that were very funny and odd, and by the end, she relented.

The first date

Our first date was at Pan on the Danforth more than 12 years ago. We had spent so much time on the phone already that we had a great date and never looked back.

What happened?

I assumed the date was the start of something serious, but, like any guy who likes a girl, I had to make sure I had reason to call her again.  During the date, I took a ring off her finger to look at and quietly put it on my little finger, and, well, I just left it there.  Yes, it sounds like theft, but I had a plan.

In the morning, I called her and said, ‘Oh, I forgot to give you back your ring last night. Maybe we should get together tonight so I can return it.’

I expected her to say yes to this cheesy strategy, but it turned out, she had another date booked, which she went on.

In the end, however, she chose me.

And she got her ring back (in spades).

The proposal

We were on a trip in Turkey, climbing a mountain. It was a two-hour climb. On top, there was an old amphitheatre.

I had been carrying a diamond in my pocket for weeks, waiting for the right moment. That moment arrived when we got to the top of the mountain.

She accepted.

Imagine if she had said no, how long the walk down would have been?

The wedding and honeymoon

We were married at Hart House at the University of Toronto.

For our honeymoon we went to Whistler, B.C., and then on to Israel and Egypt for an unusual combination of a skiing and scuba diving adventure.

Special Memories

We used to Rollerblade every Saturday morning, ending up at Book City on Bloor Street (in the Annex) where we hung out, met friends and then went for coffee. It was a perfect pre- kids ritual.

Their lives today

We have two children: Maizie, 6,and Gideon, 5. We have just moved so that I can host a new daily, national show on politics, power and people. It will be airing every weekday on CBC Newsworld from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., beginning on Oct. 19.

We are excited about the future.

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