Catwalks and chairlifts

How this photogenic power couple sealed the deal atop a ski hill


MONIKA SCHNARRE IS known by most Canadians as our country’s first “supermodel.” The catwalker-turned-actress/reporter recently tied the knot with Storey Badger, a ski instructor–cum–real estate agent. Schnarre shares their story.

How they met

My boyfriend (at the time) was supposed to come up to my cottage, but he cancelled with a lame text: “I need some time to think.” I knew it was over.

After driving up to the cottage completely distraught, my neighbour, Monte, invited me over for some wine. Alone on his dock, I was nursing my broken heart, and this boat pulls up with Storey in it. He was stunning and took my breath away. We talked for hours over the wine, and before he left, he leaned over and kissed me.

The first date

We kept in touch but didn’t go out for a few months. One day Storey called and asked me out to sushi. We went to Azuka in Yorkville.We had a great dinner and then walked over to a nightclub. All of our friends were there and we had a great time.

The courtship

Well, we both love to be out in the snow …we would go snowshoeing, skiing and walk across the frozen lake at our cottage.

We also went on a boat cruise in Hawaii and were staying in a 10- by-12-foot cabin. You really know you love someone when you’re together in a confined space like that!

The proposal

Storey had invited me to Aspen where he was working (as a head ski coach for Alpine Ontario).

Because of the inclement weather, my plane was diverted twice back to Denver from Aspen. I waited all day in the Denver airport to get on one of the now-overcrowded flights.

It was finally the last flight and the last seat on the plane was called and… they announced someone else’s name! Then that person declined the seat because they were with a group and I got it! Knowing now that he was going to propose the next day, it must have been excruciating for Storey to wait as each flight left without me.

The next day we were skiing, and Storey asked me to come and sit with him high on the mountain in the trees and pulled out a bottle of wine. I thought, “That’s very romantic” but still had no clue. He started talking about us and how he wanted to be with me forever and then pulled out a ring. It came as a complete shock.We both were very emotional and, of course, I said, “Yes.”

The wedding

It was everything that I imagined and more. Fourteen days before the wedding, I checked the weather forecast and saw that it might rain. I was devastated because everyone was arriving by boat (including me), and the reception was on a farm.

It would have been a very muddy disaster had it rained. I arrived at the church in Storey’s father’s 1927 Ditchburn boat. Luckily, the weather held up.

The ceremony was in the most picturesque church, and afterwards, everyone piled into their boats and arrived at the reception site. There were cocktails and yummy appetizers at the water’s edge and a beautiful dinner under the stars.

Their lives today

Our lives are very hectic! When we first met, Storey travelled eight months a year ski coaching. Now he’s selling cottages in Muskoka — so we get to spend a lot of time together, but I’ve gotten very busy with my clothing line (on the Shopping Channel) and reporting for various shows and networks (such as Citytv).

Shared goals

We would like to be able to take the winters off eventually and live in different places around the world. We would love to have children and, hopefully, will be blessed with some very soon.

The secret of their success No harsh words. You can never take them back. Showing each other respect is the foundation for any successful relationship.

Relationship advice

Don’t give up on something pure and real.Nothing is easy.There are no fairy tales, and you just make it work with the one you love.


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