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How newscasters Paul Cook and Stephanie Smyth created their own Brady Bunch


Besides being newscasters for CP24 and 680News, respectively, Stephanie Smyth and Paul Cook are a happily married couple who blended their families (each have two children from previous marriages) to create a happy home in Toronto. Here, Stephanie and Paul describe how it all began.

How they met
Paul: We met at 680News back in the early ’90s. We both worked there as anchors, reporters, you name it!
Stephanie: We would always talk and, I guess, bond over news and current affairs: 9/11 was a huge moment.
Paul: We worked very closely together during that time. I think everyone paused that day and took stock of their lives. Of course, there is also always a lot of discussion in a newsroom, and we were always in on the debate — more often than not on opposing sides!

First date
Stephanie: Paul is a sports nut, and he happened to have courtside seats for the Raptors one night about a decade ago. He asked me to go with him. I thought, “Wow, how romantic” (sarcastically), but then he surprised me and took me to Auberge du Pommier for dinner!

The proposal
Paul: We had been living together for about three years. We were up at the cottage having a glass of wine on the dock in August 2006 when we decided it was time to get married. We both had been married previously and both had two children. It was important to us to become a family unit.
Stephanie: The “real” proposal came about two months later at home when Paul presented me with pink Veuve Clicquot champagne (my favourite) and a pink sapphire (my favourite) and diamond engagement ring.

The wedding
Paul: We decided to get married on a cruise ship! It was just Stephanie and me (obviously) and the four children. It was beautiful. We were married May 22, 2007, by a ship’s captain at sea near Puerto Rico.
Stephanie: My parents hosted a lovely cocktail reception for us when we returned to Toronto.

Family life
Stephanie: We have kids … four of them! We’re sort of like the Brady Bunch but without Alice. Spencer, the eldest, started university this fall. Honor, 17, is doing a “gap” year with some travel. Reed, 15, is in Grade 11. And Harrison, 14, is in Grade 9.

Their lives today
Stephanie: Blending two families, two news careers, it’s very hectic but very rewarding and a rich, full life. I think our German shepherd, DV, is the glue that holds it all together.
Paul: We do a lot together. I love to curl. Stephanie “likes” it. We curl every Friday night in the winter. We’re going to do winter tennis this year as well.

Shared goals
Paul: We love to travel. Seeing as much of the world as possible is a goal. Also, a cooking course when we can finally take the time to enjoy cooking.
Stephanie: I’d like to win a doubles tennis title at the Cricket Club, and I’m sure Paul would be happy with a couples curling trophy. We can be a bit competitive.

Relationship advice
Paul: Find the money for a cleaning lady. It is cheaper than marital therapy. Always laugh … at yourself and each other. Take a hit for the team: curl with him, watch The Bachelor with her.

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