A luxurious spa the perfect antidote for a crisp Toronto fall

Prepare for the season by investing in some built-in relaxation


HOT TUBS ADD a note of luxury to any backyard, and with winter four months away, what time is better than now to find a soaker that satisfies the need to be stress-free. But not all hot tubs are created equal.

BonaVista Pools has spent 40 years building a brand much beloved by Toronto customers. The Leaside location features a selection of high-end hot tubs at what’s aptly called their “outdoor living boutique.” Hydropool, the Canadian manufacturer and the top seller in high-end hot tub luxury, features prominently in the trend-setting store, and co- owner Jennifer Gannon says she loves that the line is quintessentially Canadian.

For a more flexible approach, Poolmaster Canada Inc. is Toronto’s largest Softub dealer and offers a line of movable hot tub models. Boasting six designer colours, Softub has built a solid reputation for luxury and style.

“They’re so popular because they are portable units and also come in at a fraction of the operating cost,” says store manager Talon Crocione. He adds that the tubs are a great option for customers looking to extend their summer season without having to permanently sacrifice a portion of their yard.

For an even more portable possibility, Vaughn’s Southport Outdoor Living offers Bullfrog Spas, the only hot tub line to come with a switchable jet pack. The jets can be attached to any hot tub seat, packing a maximized experience. Other hot tub buyers, Gannon says, are taking the green approach.

“Our cleaner is enzyme based, so there’s little need for harsh chemicals. And we also use bromine instead of chlorine.”

Gannon explains a hydro-efficient and programmable filtration cycle built in with certain models lets the homeowners schedule their water circulation after Toronto Hydro’s peak hours. All this helps save the homeowner money, maintains the life of the hot tub and helps the environment, too. And for those wondering if hot tubs today are anything like the ’80s relic seen in a certain surprise Hollywood hit, rest easy. These soakers have improved with age. Docking stations, marine-grade retractable television sets and even LED lighting are some of the current features.

Gannon beams about a recent installation at a Forest Hill home that included the best Hydropool model available, the H1038, with a full audiovisual system, that comfortable holds eight to 10 people.

“In total, it costs about $20,000,” says Gannon.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get results that look like you did. As Gannon explains, people who are on the hunt for hot tubs want to feel spoiled.

“They are indulgent and care about their overall wellness,” she says.

Plus hot tubs not only provide immediate relaxation, but can also promote healing.

BonaVista sells aromatherapy salts, made by German company Kneipp, that safely infuse the steamy suds with calm, soothing eucalyptus.

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