What's With the Clocks?

On the face of it, the clocks are meant to harken back to newsrooms past. (Think before Internet, before computers even.) A tricky task these days, but if you squeeze your eyes shut, you can almost hear reporters tapping on typewriters. More importantly, you might detect clocks ticking in the background as news was tracked through multiple time zones from London to Hong Kong to Toronto.

A whimsical detail, yes, but it also speaks more intimately to Toronto's neighbourhoods. From Forest Hill to Bayview to Richmond Hill, each of the areas that make up our city has its own unique identity. Differences aside, we're still connected by the pulse of our shared metropolis. Hence, seven different clocks displaying seven identical times.

The real ones mounted in the Post City newsroom serve as a fun reminder of this.

Click through any of the clocks on the Post City homepage to view neighbourhood specific content.


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