August 2012

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License to kill: our favourite 007 death scenes

Though we reported about TIFF Bell Lightbox’s upcoming exhibit, “Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style,” back in April, TIFF recently announced some extra additions to the Bond bonanza, which kicks off Oct. 26, including three TIFF Cinematheque film programmes. In tribute to the suave spy, we present our favourite not-so-debonair deaths.


Morning Throwback: mascots have always been creepy

Maybe this guy is rightfully upset over his missing mascot, but if this creepy looking doll went missing, we’d be glad to see him go. (Although that ice cream head is kinda scary.)


Review: We’ve Totally (Probably) Got This

The Second City’s latest mainstage offering opens with an ominous voice announcing that “there’s a shit storm coming.” The quote is a riff on the Anne Hathaway line in this summer’s blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises. In the movie, Hathaway, as Catwoman, foreshadows the film’s chaotic events. Thankfully, We’ve Totally (Probably) Got This is anything but chaotic. However, it does have its own dark moments.

Weekend Warrior: Backbeat, the Canadian International Air Show, Brazilian Day Canada and more

Labour Day weekend marks the symbolic farewell of more than just summer. Backbeat, the story chronicling the birth and rise of The Beatles, will come to a close on Sunday after what has been a successful, critically acclaimed run. Be sure to catch the musical this weekend, because it “must close Sept. 2.”


Morning Throwback: bagpipes are poised for a comeback — we’re sure of it

Forget this new ’80s revival, with its saccharine love songs and rock ballads. We’re really hoping for a bagpipe renaissance, where screeching tunes are no longer played solely at funerals and the Highland Games but at nightclubs, remixed with some Drake beats. Watch; it’ll happen.


Band of the Week: Cuff the Duke

As fans, it’s always a toss-up when our best-loved artists explore unknown sonic realms. So when folk outfit Cuff the Duke announced that their upcoming album, Union, would veer from their acoustic tradition, we were admittedly wary. And boy, is it heavy. Rife with electric hooks that, at times, have elements of psychedelia, frontman Wayne Petti (Toronto’s answer to Jeff Tweedy) ventures into rock territory while keeping the band’s alt-country bones.


Morning Throwback: even before The Bachelor, Toronto women competed for attention

Back in 1936, attention-seeking Toronto women competed in scanty attire to win the affection and approval of their male peers. In 2012, they still do that — but just on national television. And with helicopter rides and hot tub scenes.


Trending in Theatre This Week: The Corpse Bride, The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged), In a Dark Dark House and more

Part of The Ashkenaz Festival, the title and plot of Theatre PANIK’s latest production reminds us of Tim Burton’s 2005 film, which was based on the same shtetl folklore. In this play, a young groom on the way to his bride’s village accidentally weds himself to a corpse bride; hilarity ensues.


Toronto comics fare not too shabbily at this year’s Canadian Comedy Awards

If you follow any Canadian comedians on Twitter, you probably know that the Canadian Comedy Awards were held at Toronto’s Royal York hotel on Sunday night. Thanks to the inundation of hashtag #CCA2012 in our feeds, it’s obvious that not only are Canadians funny people, but we’re proud of it, too. (And if you’re not following Canadian comedians, then it’s about time you did.)


Morning Throwback: before air conditioning, life blew

With temperatures expected to stay warm headed into fall, Torontonians can expect to sleep outside to cool off. Or just keep the A.C. on because it's not 1911 anymore.