May 2012

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Trending in Theatre This Week: Hamlet, Laura’s Cow, Toronto Puppet Explosion, Cabaret, Next to Normal

Shakespeare’s Hamlet gets the ballet treatment thanks to American-born choreographer Kevin O’Day and the National Ballet of Canada’s most splendid dancers. Of course, the question we’re all asking is: “To plié, or not to plié?”


Meet a Comedy Troupe: Pink Slip

Though the sketch troupe Pink Slip may be new around town, its future looks rosy with a scheduled performance at this summer’s Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival and this month’s Sketch Com-Ageddon in Toronto. In light of the troupe’s show tomorrow night at the Rivoli (emceed by comedian Debra DiGiovanni), we caught up with cast member Alan Kliffer to chat about dream guests and a lascivious home video shot in Montreal.


Weekend Warrior: Whoopi Goldberg comes to Toronto, Veggie Pride and hacking for a good cause

Whoopi Goldberg will be on stage at Roy Thomson Hall tomorrow evening (June 1, 7:30 p.m.) as part of a lecture series for women called Unique Lives & Experiences. She'll be talking about everything from feminism to politics to menopause. And since she is one of only a handful of entertainers who can rock EGOT bling, we expect to learn a lot from this talented lady.


Band of the Week: Japandroids

If you’re looking to tap into your inner dark side, these Vancouver rock gods are the the droids your looking for. Japandroids may only be made up of axe man Brian King and drummer David Prowse, but their sound is massive. Their dense and heavy punk-garage-vibe is like Fugazi had a love child with MC5 that was raised by Against Me!


Morning Throwback: in 1950s Toronto, no party was complete without softenized figs

Every grown man should be able to change a tire, drive stick, do CPR, gut a fish, throw a punch, shoot a gun, build a fire, cook a steak, recite three lines from Fight Club, run a marathon and, like in they did in the ’50s, eat as many figs as they damn well want. 


Doom-soul sister Cold Specks releases high-powered debut album

Al Spx is a mild-mannered 23-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter from Etobicoke, and her first album, I Predict a Graceful Expulsion, has just hit stores. Known around the world as Cold Specks, and already considered by many to be the next big thing in popular music, she is on her way to becoming very big, very fast. And she’s in town for a special show at the Danforth Music Hall on June 2 with Great Lake Swimmers.


Morning Throwback: Toronto men should never be allowed to get bored — ever

Apparently dudes back in the ’50s made bare-backed pyramids with other dudes and then got hefty, fancy-looking fellows to stand behind them cheering, like they just won the Kentucky Derby or something. Hey, sometimes the spirit (most likely bourbon) moves you, but we’re thinking these guys had just polished off a case of Masculinity Lite.


Theatre Review: Home

Home, the latest production from the superlative Soulpepper theatre, is a 1970 British comedy (actually, make that tragicomedy). It is a short one-act play of less than 80 minutes that has a secret at its core; well, a sort-of secret anyway — most will figure it out early in the performance.


Morning Throwback: even in the ‘20s, three was a crowd

Remember the '80s hit Three Men and a Baby? Well, here’s Three Men and a Ghost. That’s right, in 1928, after a night of heavy partying, these three bachelors were left in charge of a wayward spirit who mysteriously arrived on their doorstep the next day. She’s pictured in the foreground. Trust us, she’s there.


Meet a Comedy Troupe: The Imponderables

Canadian Comedy Award-winning sketch troupe The Imponderables are at the Rivoli later this month promoting their web sitcom Bill & Sons Towing. We caught up with troupe member Tony Lombardo to ponder some deep questions, like “how funny is a piece of toast?

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